Champion of the USSR for several days had lain dead in his apartment

Former tennis player and master of sport international class Vyacheslav Egorov was found dead in his apartment in Moscow. About it reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. It is noted that the body of the former athlete found his daughter. According to police, the death Egorova occurred in the period from 13 to 16 November. Body with signs […]

adidas UltraBOOST showed sneakers on motives “Star wars”

Available from 21 Nov adidas officially unveiled a new model of sneakers inspired by the star Saga. Both pairs refer to the space ships from “Star wars”. The X-Wing covered with drawings of the star fighter T-65 X-wings, and Millennium Falcon – interpretation “Tysjacheletnego hawk” Han Solo. Both models will go on sale November 21. […]

15+ cards that clearly explain what’s going on with this world

The most expensive geographical map is worth $ 10 million Drawn it on a goatskin, and is a plan of the new York Bay of the XVI century. And while some chase rare specimens to add to their collection, others create their cards, the content of which is much more interesting school textbook. We […]

The national team of Russia on football was considered “one of the weakest in history”

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti The former defender of Russian national team Andrey Kanchelskis commented on the defeat of the national team in the qualifying match of the European championship in 2020 with Belgium (1:4). His words leads “CHempionata”. 50-year-old expert said that on the field saw the team “different level”. According to him, […]

Reebok introduced a new logo.

This is an advanced version of logo from the 90s Company Reebok will use the new logo from 2020. Design is a redesigned version of archive of vector logo, adopted in 1992. As stated in a press release, the new logo emphasizes the continuity of the rich heritage of the brand and uniting the achievements […]

8 harmless habits that give a person who grew up in poverty

Researchers from new York studied the brain more than 100 children who were born in families with different income levels. They found that children from a not particularly wealthy families have a 6 percent less volume than the offspring of the rich. However, poverty changes not only our physiology but also behaviour. We learned […]

The Russian is out for revenge burned Jaguar hockey player

The police found a suspect in the arson of the car of a former hockey player SKA St. Petersburg of Pakhrudin Gimbatov. They found 48-year-old Sergei Mikhailov, who decided to take revenge on the athlete for the conflict on the road. About it reports to “Fontanka”. According to police, the man in October, set fire […]

Genius Moncler has released jackets for dogs

For large and small breeds in six sizes Moncler did a collaboration with clothing brand for pet Couture Dog Poldo. The collection includes the iconic pieces from the archives of Moncler jackets and raincoats, — redesigned for four-legged friends. Things are presented in 6 sizes and colour ranges for dogs, you can choose red, yellow, […]

19 simple things that make the people in charge to save the planet

11 258 scientists from around the world signed a report titled “Warning of extreme climate condition.” It says that the planet faces a massive environmental crisis and, if not urgently begin to change, humanity is waiting for the “indescribable suffering”. While countries hesitate to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, forests are cut down, […]