Why the bouts of helplessness break men and almost do not touch women

“Diet starts Monday”, “I will never improve”, “I tried to quit, but it is impossible” — millions of people use these phrases almost every day. But who would have thought that this expression markers, which hides a dangerous psychological syndrome. He does not allow us to live happily and plunges into the swamp of depression. […]

The referee tried to separate the fighters and was knocked out

@tokeshikouhei / Twitter A curious episode occurred during the tournament level (Burmese Boxing) Lethwei 14 in Japan. Video posted on Twitter account @tokeshikouhei. The fight was held on October 21 in Tokyo. On the seventh second of the bout, the referee rushed to separate the fighters. The judge stood between the jocks and got hit […]

Acne Studios has announced a new collaboration with Mulberry

It will go on sale November 5 The British brand Mulberry and Swedish brand Acne Studios will release a collaborative capsule collection. This they announced on instagram, posting a video on cooperation. The video presents a combined logo of the future collection, on which the letters Acne Studios soar in the crown of a tree, […]

The pilot answered 19 questions that each of us must have wondered during the flight

Dmitry, the author of the channel “the Pilot” on “Yandex. Zen” working in civil aviation. On his page he talks about the cases that happened to him during the flight, shares the facts about the work and answer questions, which certainly excited every passenger aircraft. We AdMe.ru read the posts by Dmitry and with his […]

McGregor was accused of raping

Photo: @thenotoriousmma Mixed martial arts fighter (MMA) fighter Conor McGregor was accused of sexual violence. About it reports Fox News. According to TV channel, the victim was 20-year-old girl. It is reported that the incident occurred in the Parking lot near one of the bars of Dublin. Representatives McGregor denied this information, stating that the […]

Canada Goose has released supertanya parks with Korean brand Juun.J

The highlight of the collection – jacket-transformer Canada Goose brand has introduced a capsule collection from Korean brand Juun.J. The collaboration includes four things – the three interpretations of the classic parkas and knit longsleeve. The entire collection is made in black, only on the sleeves and pockets, you can see a silver reflective strips. […]

20 pictures, which had seen only radiologists. Now can you

124 years ago, Wilhelm Roentgen accidentally discovered x-rays, which, among other things, helped “enlighten” the human body through. Since then, off we go: scientists have invented a scanner and was able to open many secrets of our body. AdMe.ru never ceases to marvel at the complexity of the human organism. We have reviewed thousands of […]

The head of the UFC rejected the idea of McGregor

The head of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC), Dana white said that Irishman Conor McGregor will meet with American Frankie Edgar. It is reported by MMA Junkie. “Conor loves to fight and he wants to fight again, but fight with Frankie Edgar would not,” said white. He recalled that American is in the Bantamweight category […]

In the centre of London held a presentation of new collections Uterqüe

Mazes and minimalism A pop-up space Uterqüe opened in Covent garden 9 Oct. Guests could buy items from the new collection using the QR-code, and in the evening there was a closed party with a dj set Marco Spaniard Llorente. The concept of the event and the collection of The Maze is the woman with […]

19 photos of nature, which is not ashamed to add in school textbooks

It would seem that we still know from school almost all basic facts about the world and us, it is hardly possible to surprise. But once you see the nettle in the multiplication, rain drops in slow motion mode and a giraffe albino, as you know, how much more the unknown can be detected, even […]