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Автор: Берлик | Рубрика: Разное


Hello everybody!
I Berlik, Front End Developer from South capital of Kazakhstan — Almaty.
I want to become a member of the community TopTal because I consider myself a good expert in HTML / SCSS, and a good beginning JavaScript programmer, I want to develop and grow professionally as prgorammist in JavaScript (React.js, Angular.js, Node.js etc.)
I do Pixel Perfect PSD2HTML, create a WordPress theme, using the Gulp and Grunt, concat’s and minification css / js files, JPG, PNG, SVG files web optimization, Font-icons (Linea, FontAwesome, etc), 3-4 resol responsive pages, fast page load. Fast work.
Fast and responive examples of my work in my github repository: berlik-gabdulin
Arriving at Toptal I saw a lot of interesting freelancers who do not just make interesting orders, earn money, and who also wrote a useful material that can be read in your spare time, learning new from professional field and learning English, since we have the main languages are Russian and Kazakh.
Also in TopTal I see not just a platform for customers and performers, I see here Community, Community high level of customer and performers, and I too would like to become one of you.
I hope that he is worthy to be one of you!
Sincerely, Berlik!

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