10 habits for a conscious and happy life

Simple steps that will help you to feel better in all senses.

1. Get up when planned

If you set the alarm for 6:30, get up out of bed right after, it will ring. Why is it so important? Because this is the first promise you have to keep in this day.

Last night you set the alarm for that time because the hoped. Start the day with a broken hope — the same thing to get off on the wrong foot. Keep the promise. In a pinch you can sleep in the afternoon.

2. Clearly organize your morning routine

Habitual actions in the morning will help you quickly recover and start to work. Shower. Teeth cleaning. Hair. And, more importantly, the choice of clothing appropriate to the occasion.

Remember that clothing creates a certain mood.

Your morning routine is the action that sets the tone for the whole day. And from the way you brush your hair, drink coffee and dress up, to some extent, depends on how through to this day.

3. Meditate

This is the best thing you can do in the morning after a shower, when you are awake. Find 5-10 minutes to sit in silence.

Just listen to yourself. This will help you to understand how you start your day: are you frustrated, there is something troubling you, or Vice versa, there is something beautiful and delicious?

With 5 minutes of meditation, you will understand how I feel right now and how to build a day to spend it most effectively. This is very important.

4. Eat regularly

Eat at the same time, preferably food you have prepared in advance. This will help you not to skip meals and not to forget about eating during the day.

Try to create a habit. The more you have pre-cooked healthy food, the more likely it will be able to maintain health even with the most busy schedule.

5. Spend a little breaks with the use

During the day you will have short periods of free time. We used to spend time checking social networks, watching videos on YouTube and other useless things. Combine all of these apps on your smartphone in one category and name it “Waste of my life.”

Instead, place it on the main page helpful application for learning foreign languages, reading books and so on. Using small breaks for good deeds and abandoning the mindless consumption of information, you form the habit of learning.

6. Remember: free time is free time

This advice for workaholics and entrepreneurs who forget what “free time” does not mean “work on new projects.” This time you don’t need to spend on the job.

Go for a walk in the Park, meet up with an old friend over a Cup of coffee, play a Board game with friends or family to call his grandmother, to watch an interesting movie without interruption on the half because I feel unproductive.

The habit to perceive their free time as an integral part of the daily schedule will help you to reboot your brain and return to work refreshed and full of enthusiasm.

7. Control your finances

Finance generate a lot of stress and worry. But it’s not the money cause stress and chaos in financial matters and lack of understanding of how to manage them.

Learn how to work with money so as to become master of the situation.

If you are going to go to the taiga to get food by hunting and gathering, the money part of your life for the rest of your days. Moreover, an important part of it.

So dedicate time to get the basic knowledge about taxes, investing, savings, and loans. And once a week, fortnight or month to analyze your finances and see what money.

8. Meet new people

Meeting new people provides inspiration like nothing else. Maybe someone regularly reads your blog? Write them an email. Maybe there is a local business owner, who would you like to learn? Invite him in for coffee.

The wider the circle of your communication, the more significant you become at the expense of its relations and the more inspiration you get for personal development. It also helps to look at things from another point of view, when you are experiencing a decline and feel that go nowhere. You meet someone new and realize that you are not alone, that you move to the goal, it just takes time.

9. Indulge yourself

Pleasure is part of life. Yes, discipline means a lot, but sometimes there comes a point when you need to let go of yourself, to get back into the flow.

Get out of your comfort zone and treat yourself a little, and with it, learn something new.

Call someone for a meeting. Go to the cafe on the other side of town, eat as many cheesecakes to sleep right at the table, visit the new Museum, go to the lake and sit on the pier, lowering his feet into the water.

Very easy to miss these moments, especially if you are used to set goals and strive for them. But they are remembered the most, cause you to be happier, deeper, to feel life.

10. Write in a diary before going to bed

Let writing at least a couple of lines in the diary will become your daily habit. You can write about their experiences or about their plans, can write poems or songs, write about what bothers you and how you cope with it. No matter what you write, it is important that you do.

You may recall that was Wednesday last week? And two months ago? The days merge into one line, remember only the brightest moments. The habit of keeping a diary will help you keep nice things, own interesting thoughts, quotes from favourite books and movies.

Rereading the diary, you see your way of thinking, your past goals and desires. Correlating this with what you have now, you can do not one valuable conclusion.

If you have your own tips on how to make life more full, conscious and happy, share them in the comments.

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