10 myths about women’s health, which still can be heard from gynecologists

Sometimes many of us do not have professionals who we could fully trust, especially if we are talking about such a serious and delicate topic as women’s health. In gynecology, there are many stereotypes, and it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly how to take care of your body.

AdMe.ru I am convinced that being careful about your health is all: the girls, who only have to “transform” into girls, and women experiencing menopause. Today we decided simple and affordable to talk about the popular myths concerning the critical days, gynecological diseases and reproductive system in General.

Myth # 1: During the menstrual period can not exercise. Sex is also banned

Menstruation is not a reason to abandon physical activity. Nothing dangerous in this: physical activity helps to relieve pain and alleviate symptoms. Intimacy is also not banned. It should be noted that oxytocin, the pleasure hormone, strengthens muscle contraction of the uterus, so that the duration of the critical days could be reduced. But, of course, do not forget about the safety of their own health.

Myth No. 2: For hygiene during menstruation it is best to use pads

The safest means of hygiene during critical days of the menstrual Cup. On 2nd place- strip without perfume components, and the last — tampons.

Myth # 3: you Need to abandon the baths and saunas on the pads

A visit to the baths and saunas during the critical days perfectly safe. It is important to remember that after this bleeding can become more intense and the cycle time can be reduced.

Myth # 4: Menopause usually occurs after 50 years

Normal age for menopause — 42-58 years. It turns out that for some women 35 years of age — mid reproductive period, while for others it ends.

For example, Angelina Jolie in an interview admitted that her menopause occurred at age 39 this age is considered early. But the actress Susan Sarandon — in 54 years, what is considered late term.

Myth No. 5: If in front of the pool, use the swab to protect themselves from infection

Physiologically the female crotch is designed so that access to large amounts of fluid in this area closed. When you use a tampon in the pool on its cord in the vagina can get water. In the end, the chances of getting an infection several times more than if the woman had not used the swab. Besides, it can injure the mucosa of the vagina.

Myth # 6: Women of reproductive age restricted

In Russia of reproductive age women 15-49 years. The term “geriatric pregnancy” (so-called pregnancy occurred after 35 years) is still used by doctors. However, modern obstetrics allows to increase female fertility, though not naturally.

Today it is safe to freeze your eggs in the Cryobank. This will not depend on the internal timer and quiet to plan their lives. In Russia the cost of storage services — 1 000 rubles per month when paying for the year.

It should be noted that the ability and willingness of women to become pregnant and bear a child individual. For example, the actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite alone bore a child at 54 years, and 37-year-old Kim Kardashian have used the services of a surrogate mother due to the prohibition of doctors to get pregnant again.

Myth # 7: you Can sync your critical days with “days” best friends

In the minds of many ingrained the myth that if you spend a lot of time with a friend, mom or sister, menstrual cycles begin to coincide. The true reason for this phenomenon lies in the basic statistics, and has no relationship to hormones. Over time, critical days in women with 3-week cycle is synchronized with the critical days of a woman with a 5-week cycle, and then again diverge.

Myth # 8: Wearing a bra causes breast cancer

There is a misconception that the bra puts pressure on the lymph nodes and therefore may cause cancer. But, according to the American society for the fight against cancer, there is no evidence in favor of this. This was confirmed by a recent study, which was attended by 1,500 women.

Myth # 9: seat in the car is dangerous only for men’s health

To be on the car seat at the time of heating unsafe for people of both sexes. It is fraught with different diseases: inflammation and unwanted formations in the uterus and the ovaries in women and the negative impact on the prostate gland in men. Blame a certain frequency, which is used for electrical heating of the seats. It can cause harmful overheating.

Myth # 10: sex of the baby you can plan

Today, the dependence of the sex of the child from any conditions is not proven by science. But it is possible to determine the sex of the embryo — however, this is done only with the help of IVF. Preimplantation appropriate training is provided in the case, if a family has a sex-linked genetic disease.

But what are the facts about women’s health known to you?


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