10 questions that will change your life

The right question at the right time, can change you, soothe or give support. And even if you do not find the answer immediately, the question itself will help to take another look at your life.

1. With whom I spend time?

If a child is friends with peers who never get anywhere, we believe that he himself will not achieve anything in life. But for some reason we do not consider that this extends to adults. If your pals suffer unloved work or lead a healthy life, you too will likely make similar decisions. Think about your friends and colleagues: they inspire and support you or, conversely, dragging down?

The same applies to what you read, see what they think. Our life starts to resemble our environment, so choose it carefully.

2. Can I affect it?

According to Epictetus, the main task of the philosopher is to distinguish between what he can control and what isn’t.

Usually we spend a huge amount of time on the does not depend. Their actions, thoughts, feelings we can control. Other people, the weather, external events — no. But the attitude of the people, the weather and external events completely beyond our control. Learning to discern this, you will not be disappointed because that is not in your power.

3. Looks like my perfect day?

Not knowing this, you simply will not be able to build your schedule so that you feel comfortable. Remember the most pleasant days of my life. What did you do? Ideally, your job, personal life, house must help you to live as many days that way.

Keep a lifestyle that allows you to be yourself, and not forced to constantly pretend to be someone else.

4. To be or to do?

This question was asked potential assistants military strategist John Boyd. Which path will you choose? Will strive for excellence or focus on a higher purpose? Were going to fixate on my tenure, the number of fans, the amount of salary or concentrate on the really significant achievements? What have you chosen so far?

5. I miss when spending time in anxiety and fear?

Different problems in life cause us grief, anxiety, fears. The only way to experience these problems try to keep these feelings under control. So, next time you’re immersed in a negative emotion, remind yourself what a high price we have to pay for them. After all, distracted by them, you miss something important.

6. If I do their job?

If you know what’s the case? You can work hard, to exhaustion, and still not run their business. We frequently go into small business, doing someone else’s work or just procrastinate. All this creates a sense of employment, but does not bring us to what is important to us.

7. What matters most to me?

If you don’t know what is important to you, you may not know whether you pay enough time and effort. Whatever it is — family, money, work, you should know and accept it. Only then will you cease to compare yourself with people who have very different priorities. Only then will you be able to opt out of the race for “success” and to reach the state of calm that Seneca was called “the confidence that you are on the right path and not stray looking at the traces of people crossing your way”.

8. Who’s it for?

If you create something, sell it, or trying to attract people, you must know the answer to this question. You must know your audience. Think: “What do these people want? What do they want? What can I offer them?” Do not rely on luck. Ask this question and try to find a clear answer.

9. Is it really so important?

Given the transience of life, does it matter what I think, worry, argue? Unfortunately, often the answer is “no”.

Don’t forget to ask yourself this question, so as not to waste any time. Take the example of Marcus Aurelius and remind yourself that this very moment you could die. Let it define your actions, thoughts and words.

10. I am who I want to be?

We are what we do. Therefore, doing something, ask yourself: “does this is what kind of person I want to be? The way I see myself?”

How we do one thing, it speaks to how we do everything else, about who we are. So try in his every action, every thought, every word, ask yourself whether this is what you want to be.


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