10 things that are hard to find a logical explanation. But it is

Every day Google’s search engine handles about 5.5 billion different queries from its users. In 2012 this figure was almost halved. People always learn something, learn something new and expand your horizons. But sometimes even the most mundane questions can lead us to confusion: for example, why the base is called the yellow press and how Dumbledore conjured without his magic wand?

We AdMe.ru decided to find out what was happening. It turned out, it is possible to explain even the most bizarre things.

1. Where are the “butterflies in the stomach”?

This feeling arises due to the so-called intestinal-brain axis — the relationship between the bowel and brain. In the intestine there are many nerve cells that affect our brain much stronger than we think. For its part, the brain with all its feelings, emotions and thoughts constantly communicates with the “gut brain”.

For the body and love, and fear is the stress, so you start the reaction “fight or flight”. Increasing the level of cortisol and adrenaline, which give the command to raise blood pressure and increase blood flow to muscles and lungs. At the same time it is the outflow from the intestine. Hence the feeling of “butterflies in the stomach”.

2. Why do brilliant ideas come to us in the shower?

Your whole day was tormented by some kind of problem and unexpected solution came to you in the shower? Nothing surprising. The thing is that at such times your brain some time off, and the body has a very pleasant feeling. It is freedom from the obsessive thoughts and comfort contribute to the fact that the brain begins to creative.

Shower, as well as training and relaxing music, become the reason for the active release of the “pleasure hormone” dopamine in the blood. You relax, get distracted and not make the brain work force. In gratitude, your subconscious mind works more creatively.

3. Why are tears salty?

Approximately 99% of the tears consist of water, and the rest is inorganic substance, including sodium chloride (salt). The degree of salinity, or rather, the chemical composition of tears depends on the condition of the body and the reason why you cry.

The salty tears of self-pity. When a man cries, he is actively working thyroid and increases the heart rate. The body is under stress, which is like a heavy physical load. For this reason, the pot also has a salty taste.

But the tears are not salty. Under the microscope they even look different.

4. Why the autocorrection system called T9?

It should nonetheless be noted that the T9 system was created not to correct mistakes in the text, and as a predictive system, whose primary function is on the basis of incomplete data to “guess” the word that wanted to enter. On each button old phones was 3-4 letters. The buttons I had to press once, and the system tried to determine what word can these letters form.

Therefore the full name of the system is quite simple: Text on 9 keys “Text on 9 keys”.

5. Why magicians conjure with a magic wand?

Professor of history at the University of Bristol Ronald Hutton says that the wand is a convenient way to focus the will of the wizard and direct it to the desired object.

It is worth noting that in a potterian great wizards (for example Albus Dumbledore) sometimes without a magic wand. This meant that they so expertly control your power that do not need an additional method to focus their will.

6. Why is the press called the yellow base?

Worldwide, the yellow press called susceptible to all sorts of scandals journalism. In 1895, the American artist Richard Outcault placed in the newspaper the World series of risque drawings and humorous lyrics. Among them was a picture of the child in the yellow shirt, which was attributed to a variety of fun sayings.

The pictures captivated the American public, and the boy called “the yellow kid”. Soon in the New York Journal also began to publish similar figures, and between papers there was a dispute over the right to use the “yellow kid”.

In 1896 the New York Press editor Ervin Wardman contemptuously called both Newspapers “yellow journalism”, suggesting that they do not hesitate to use any means for the sake of sensation. This expression became airborne and quickly ingrained in the lexicon of people in many countries.

7. Why in American movies they all go around the house in shoes?

Three times to wipe feet on doormat and remove shoes at the doorstep for us in order. But foreign films heroes even beds are in sneakers. The fact is that we are harder to keep clean.

In Europe and the United States residents are moving mostly in cars. The level of the road surface is often above the level of the shoulders, plus there’s a well working drainage system and sanitation.

There is little bare ground, everywhere grass is growing, so the shoes so badly soiled. On the way home, pay attention to how many parcels of land without grass, you need to go. This is the ground you bring into the house on their soles.

8. Why do people in old photos are almost always depicted with the provisions of each other on the shoulders?

What could be easier than to make a photo? But in the era of the birth of photography this process took a matter of seconds, as now, from several minutes to hours. And all this time it was impossible to move that photo came out blurry. So at a shop of those years offered a variety of devices for a single photo: shelves, stands, and even the sculptures that people could lean on your shoulder and stopping at the right time.

If photographed a few people, it was easier to put his hand on the shoulder of the other. It helped for a long time to keep balance and not to move.

9. Why the iPhone image shows the time 9:41?

On Tuesday, 9 January 2007, from the stage of the Macworld Conference & Expo, Steve jobs spoke about new technologies for the future. He admitted that he is eagerly waiting for this day. And at 9:41 presented the iPhone. That is the time that we see in the Apple ads on the screens of gadgets — this is the exact time of the announcement of the first iPhone.

10. Why American toilets are no pipe cleaners?

In the toilets the United States is difficult to find familiar to us brushes to clean. The fact that they use the toilets a more powerful flush. This system protects the walls of the plumbing from contamination: all that gets there, goes directly into the water, and then safely pulled into the sewer pipe.

In Europe and countries of the former USSR pipe drain are located almost on the same level with the bowl. Because of this, there is no extra pressure, and flushing is not always successful. In the U.S., have the effect of a siphon due to the significant difference between the drain tube and the level of the toilet. However, some homes still use brushes.

Bonus: the pregnant woman can get pregnant…

Julia Grovenburg called the 11th woman in the history who gave birth to children of different ages. Her kids were born in one day, but daughter is a month older son. Doctors call this surprising phenomenon superfamily.

This could happen if the woman’s body was formed not one, but two eggs. The first is fertilized during sexual intercourse, and the second a little later.

Usually hormonal changes in a woman’s body exclude the possibility of re-conception, but the exceptions are still possible, albeit extremely rare. Doctors estimate the chance of pregnancy during pregnancy, 1 : 1 000 000.

Did we tell you something new or unexpected? Or you have the same Scrabble that owns a good part of all searches on Google and which is difficult to surprise?


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