11 exercises on the chair that will instantly relieve you from pain in the neck, back and shoulders

Sedentary work and a sedentary lifestyle always comes with muscle tension in the neck, back and shoulder girdle. Therefore, in order to avoid back pain and subsequently headaches, you need to allocate only 10 minutes to warm up. Moreover, such a charge is a powerful stimulant in contrast to the traditional strong coffee.

AdMe.ru prepared 8 simple exercises that you can perform right in your workplace.

1. Cat pose / cow

Pose cat / cow stretches the upper body, neck and spine.

  • Pull the spine up, hands on hips.
  • On the inhale the rotten back, the chest reach forward, look, point at the ceiling, not wringing the neck back.
  • On the exhale round the back, twisting the coccyx itself. Chin press to breast, the shoulders point forward.

2. The head tilts to the side

The head tilts to the side to stretch the muscles of the neck and shoulder region.

  • Sit on the edge of a chair, hands behind back, fingers crossed.
  • Put your arms in that position by the right thigh, tilting his head to the right. Hold for a few seconds.
  • Repeat exercise in other party.

3. Tilts down

Bending down to stretch the neck and vertebral spine.

  • Feet parallel, right foot lift up on the left.
  • Without moving the pelvis, gently down the breast to the leg, hands touch the floor, neck relaxed.
  • Repeat exercise in other party.

4. Dog pose with chair support

Pose downward-facing dog / upward stretches the muscles of the chest, the back of the thigh, lumbar, neck.

  • Stand up from a chair at a distance of one step, omitting the body forward, stretch the fingers, put palms on the chair seat.
  • Without bending arms and legs, start to take the pelvis back of a chair until you feel the stretch in the shoulder joint area, underarms and chest.
  • Leaning on her hands, on the inhale raise your head and body up, arch your back and pull your shoulders back.

5. The twisting of the pelvis

Exercise “twisting of the pelvis” stretches the lumbar and cervical-brachial Department.

  • Feet shoulder width apart, hands grab the armrests and on the exhale, push away from the seat body up.
  • Leaving the pelvis in limbo, rotate the pelvis right / left, forward / backward.
  • Gently return to starting position.

6. Tilts to the side

Tilts to the side to stretch the oblique abdominal muscles and the muscles of the axillary region.

  • The right hand grasp the opposite edge of the chair, raise your left arm over your head.
  • On the exhale, tilt your body right and stretch for the hand diagonally upwards.
  • Repeat exercise in other party.

7. Attacks relying on a chair

Lunges with a deflection in the back to stretch the muscles of the chest, the lumbar and neck.

  • Turn around from the back of a chair at 90°.
  • Conveniently sit on the edge of a chair, leaning on the ischium, then take a deep lunge forward.
  • On the inhale push your chest forward and run deflection back back.
  • Tilt your head back and hold this position for a few seconds.
  • On the exhale, return to starting position, then lean back into the chair, stretching his right side, arm drag diagonally up.
  • Repeat in the other direction, stretching your left side.

8. Rotate the housing based on the table

Turns the body to the chest and stretch the trapezius muscle.

  • Raise your bent elbows and get behind you, palms on the blades.
  • In this position, slowly lower the upper body, elbows leaning on the edge of the table and, alternating sides, do the corners of the housing.

9. The opening of the chest

Exercise with chair stretches the chest muscles.

  • Sitting on a chair, place your hands on the chair and put them in the lock.
  • Lock position, the rib cage, stretch up, hold for 8-10 seconds.

10. Warm-up shoulders

Twisting of the arms stretches the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

  • Feet shoulder width apart, bent at the elbows lift up to chest level, palms exposed.
  • Your hands, make rotational movements of the shoulder joints down and then up. Repeat 8-10 times.

11. Relaxing exercise

Child’s pose on the chair helps to stretch and relax the entire spine.

  • Comfortably sit on the seat, the legs flip over the back of a chair.
  • On the exhale, sink the hips, grab his elbows and look down.
  • Relax your body and hold this position for 10 seconds.

How many hours do you spend at the workplace? Often you do workout?


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