11 facts about the world that will surprise even those who thinks he knows everything

Why DOE they run screaming and crying baby? Why do we sometimes forget where I was going and what he was doing? Why did the Pharaoh Ramses II passport? Someone has been stealing underwear of Queen Victoria? So many questions. Well, the answer to all these questions we have no less interesting answers.

AdMe.ru talk about the 11 facts that will give you a good portion of knowledge and make you exclaim: “wow, I didn’t know that!”

1. Deer instinctively ran for help, if I hear a baby crying

  • By the way, the siren of an ambulance or the police makes sounds on the same frequency that helps induce the sense of responsibility in others and to encourage them to promote.

2. There’s a reason why we forget why we went, when you come into the other room

When we are walking the threshold, the brain is “send to archive” the thoughts that are born in the head in the previous room, make room for experiences and challenges in the new. Thanks to “the limits of events” we can easily switch to new cases and orderable information.

3. Crows are better than humans know what justice is

4. Once Julius Caesar crossed the Aegean sea and captured by pirates, who asked for a ransom of 620 kg of silver ($ 600 000)

While the Romans were collecting the money, Caesar was playing with the pirates games, read poems, sang songs and treated them as their subordinates. However, despite the friendliness, he warned his captors that as soon as I get back and execute them. Apparently, pirates did not believe him, but Caesar kept his word: when he bought, he collected a fleet, returned to the island where he was imprisoned, executed pirates, took their silver and at the same time grabbed the other pirate treasure.

5. Once in Buckingham Palace for a whole year, lived a boy who was stealing underwear of Queen Victoria

It turned out that the boy was hiding behind furniture or on the inside of the chimneys during the day, and at night walked around the Palace. Sometimes during the Royal meeting, he was hiding under the table and eavesdrop. When the boy was hungry, he just took the food in the kitchen, and his things washed in the Laundry. So sly boy lived in the Palace for almost a year. Later he caught three more in the Palace.

6. In the Philippines there are “lake-matryoshka”

7. In France there is a dish that should be eaten, covering his head with a napkin

Some say the napkin helps to enjoy the aroma, others that it is intended to hide from God your shame for eating such a wonderful creation.

8. In the tower of London has a position called “superintendent of the ravens” (Ravenmaster)

9. Any person, whether living or dead, must have a passport to travel to France

10. Japanese scientists have created a fire alarm for deaf smoke from wasabi

11. The French company can create a perfume with the smell of a deceased person

“We take the personal belongings of the person and extracted from them the smell, which carry about a hundred molecules, and then recreate it in the form of spirits,” explains Kate. Such perfumes can be used not only as a form of preserving the memory of the dead, but also as an unusual gift for Valentine’s Day for your partner.


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