11 sensitive questions about underwear, we are embarrassed to discuss even with a friend

Questions socks underwear many consider a taboo and do not discuss with anyone else. Even coming into the store, not every girl enlists the help of a consultant. As a result, not having the ability or desire to consult, we often choose the wrong bras and panties, which ultimately can lead to health problems.

AdMe.ru understands the awkwardness of the situation, therefore, gives not only the answers to the most sensitive questions, but also recommendations for the choice of underwear.

1. Can I wear the same underwear a few days?

Forgot to wash linen? Nothing to worry about. If the panties look clean, they are acceptable to wear again, and it would have no impact on your health. However, if in the intimate area there are visible scratches or wounds, rash, feeling of discomfort, it is better not to try your luck: stale underwear can lead to the development of infection.

The same applies to cases when you perspired during the day or had an intensive training session. Moisture, especially in such a delicate place, a favorable environment for bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it is better not to neglect fresh panties.

2. Is it possible to go without panties?

Yes, but only in one case — on training. Moreover, your suit should be made of thick material which with good moisture. Leave underwear in the locker is sometimes needed, because due to its friction on the skin may become irritated.

If the skin is already damaged, do not remove the underwear. The best would be to plan ahead for training and to stock up on special clothes, which will not injure the skin.

3. How many pairs of underwear should be in the wardrobe?

This side of life not governed by norms of etiquette, so the answer depends on your lifestyle. What clothes you wear and how often you wash it? If you go to the gym? By answering these questions, you will be able to understand how many pairs of panties and bras you need to feel confident.

You can create a clear schedule of washing to do 10 pairs of panties and 3 bras. Another option is to have a three week supply for a long time and not worry about clean underwear. One of the studies on this subject showed that on average women’s wardrobe there are about 34 panties which 14 — “parade weekend.” Choose bras depending on the style and material of clothing: evening dress, sheer blouse, sports suit and so on.

4. When you don’t have to wear a bra and when not?

The desire to give the body a little more freedom, especially in the hot season, of course. An outright ban on it does not exist. Periodically women around the world are against what hidden or obvious demonstration of the nipples is regarded as something indecent. For example, in 2014, was launched the campaign #freethenipple.

The matter is still under discussion, and consensus on this point. In order to avoid misunderstandings in the office you should wear a bra or choose clothes made of dense, non-translucent fabrics. Another option is to use nipple pads or to give preference to bralette: there is no crushing of bones, but with the function of support, he manages to cheer. For walking office restrictions, and the choice is yours.

5. Is it normal to wear bras in different sizes?

The sizes of the bras no references as mathematical units, so many women have bras in several sizes. We see different markings on the labels of the bodice, depending on manufacturer and geographic location. For example, European size corresponds to 75 us 34, but in France and Spain he would be 90. All because from country to country use different ways of measuring certain parameters. There is even a term — sister size, it represents a similar size.

6. What is the most common mistake when choosing a bra?

The main mistake that we make — not orientirueshsya in size. For example, 70B was too tight in the cups. What do we do? Take 75B instead of by 70C. In other words, take the bodice with the longer strap, and you need a Cup larger. The length of the strap (measured under the Breasts) should be changed only when you can’t stick your fingers under it.

7. Why is the bra always ride up and straps slide?

This is due to the error, which was discussed above: the strap of your bra is too long and the cups too small. Try to fix the clasp tighten and adjust straps.

Remember that straps usually lose their shape faster than other parts of the bra. In addition, they can stretch when washed. Therefore, adjust their length each time after you dry the product.

8. Can I sleep in your bra?

Someone says that sleeping in a bra supports the Breasts and eliminates sagging. It’s an old myth that is not associated with reality. The bodice can sleep (but should not be abused) if its cups are soft and the bones are missing. It is important that you are comfortable in it. Otherwise, this piece of underwear can RUB, to slow down the blood circulation and make sleep restless.

Choosing the right clothes for a dream, pay attention to the material from which it is made. The fabric should be as natural to provide the skin a chance to breathe, and body — to take a free posture. Cotton, silk, flannel are good options.

9. How to choose the bra if the Breasts are asymmetrical?

There are several ways to solve this problem. First, you can choose the bra of stretch fabric (satin, cotton in combination with elastane and so on). It will perfectly adapt to small differences. The second option is to buy a bra with stiff cups, focusing on the size of the larger breast.

Standard solution: use a push-up bra with removable pads. Just pull the pad from the Cup, corresponding to larger Breasts. If the difference in size of the mammary glands due to surgery or illness, need special bra that will provide support and convenience.

10. What fabric is best for underwear? Does the fabric matter?

Fabric is important, but with reservations. The best option is still considered to be underwear made of cotton that allows air to circulate freely and at the same time, absorbs moisture. Linen from natural materials saves his owner from the development of infectious diseases.

Synthetic fabric is not always synonymous with poor quality or harm to health. Certain types of such materials is shown, for example in sports activities. Underwear made of these materials absorbs sweat, provides for correct thermoregulation and makes workout more comfortable, then productive.

11. Can you dry underwear in the washing machine?

The intricacies of washing lingerie we know of before: gentle, special mesh. In some cases, it is reasonable not to wash panties and bras by hand. But that’s only half the story, because improper drying can also spoil a thing.

To dry clothes in the washing machine categorically it is not recommended: too high a temperature damaging to the strap of the bra. The bras underwire frame may break through the fabric and to seem out. The best would be to dry linen in the fresh air.

Do you have questions about the rules socks underwear? Write in the comments and maybe we will do a continuation of this material.


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