12 courses where kids can learn online that they are interested in

The Internet presents many opportunities to us and to our children. Now they can learn to code, cooking, or drawing from anywhere, it would wish. The main thing — to find something for everyone, and the online school you can select from our list.

We AdMe.ru collected 12 resources that will help your children to learn from good teachers what they like.

1. “The days of the British out”: a review

Verb tenses is one of the most difficult sections of the English language. If your child also can not deal with him, show him this chart. Lessons designed for age 12 years and at least an initial level of proficiency. All lectures recorded in video format to consolidate knowledge after listening help tests and games. The course is free and if you try helping once and for all to understand the topic.

2. Nursery Arzamas

Arzamas.academy is a project that tells the history of the culture. There is a special children’s section: books, movies, music, special coloring books, games, puzzles, and even tips on how to put the home performances. There is something interesting even for the youngest. Look carefully, all the material is conveniently divided into collections. The section is constantly updated, so look into it should regularly.

3. Creative platform Lil School

This is a project by Illustrator Sasha Crewe, who grew up in a large school with cool classes. Drawing, creative thinking, plasticine painting, history of art and a variety of techniques — all taught in Lil School children from 3 years. You can learn at school and also at your selected course (SENART, animation, architecture, design, balagopalan, stamps). There are free lessons that you can find in the Telegram channel school.

View the work of students is possible in Instagram.

4. “Cooking school Oksana.”

Although there are no lessons as such, each recipe is detailed, and the photos make the process even clearer. If you have any questions, you can always ask in the comments. Many recipes, it allows you to choose the right complexity. In each section there are dishes that are easy to make a child 10-12 years, such as delicious cheese cakes or pancakes.

5. The explorers ‘ club Botanikids

It is important for children to learn something about nature, to travel and to make all this develops them and gives wonderful memories. If you want to work with children, but do not know how to build lessons, here is the output: in the club Botanikids you will receive all the necessary information.

Jobs will come once a week, the program is 6 levels, for each young researcher will receive a patch – like a real scout. Tasks are varied and interesting, designed for ages 3 to 12 years, and the club has a great community which can, for example, an exchange of plants for a herbarium or other natural treasures.

6. An introduction to programming from Younico for children

If your child is interested in computers and trying to write the first program, invite him to this course. The introduction will require only 2-3 hours and maybe your help, but the child learns the basics of the language Scretch created at mit specifically for teaching children from 8 years. If you like, you can enroll in an IT school or work independently, after training sites and apps are very much.

7. “Animation: basics and history”

The roots of the word “animation” drawn in the French language, to the animation, which means “revival”. No wonder cartoons are called moving pictures. For creative children who are interested in creating your own cartoons, designed this free course. It lays the foundations. Here you can find a lot of information from the history of animation to the main techniques and tricks used by professionals. The lessons are simple, and with the help of parents to engage them even the kids.

8. Creating a personal website

2 hours – and even the student will be able to create a simple website in HTML/CSS, and also to understand whether he wants to become a web developer and make websites professionally. The intensive is designed for a thorough introduction, and if you have questions the teacher answers them immediately after class.

9. “Engineering history of civilization”

The history of mankind is largely the history of things that surround it, and all of these items were once someone invented. The knowledge of how it happened will help you better understand how the world works around. If your teenager is interested in physics, engineering, history or all of it together, he likes this course, written by two PhDs who teach at universities.

10. “The wonderful world of geography”

Geography – science is not only about where some country is, but also about man’s place in the world. One of the free courses “Lectorium” says just about this: how changing geography over time and what she’s studying now how the world works and who lives there. 3 out of 9 lessons tell us about the geography of Russia: its nature, population, and other features. Classes are conducted by the Professor of Tomsk state University, she checks assignments. Will suit students who want to improve their knowledge.

11. Java for dummies

One of the most popular programming languages in the world, Java, will be useful to every newbie who decided to try hand at IT. Especially important for those who want to write applications for Android: most of these programs made it on Java, the demand for developers is growing steadily. On a two-hour intensive from Geekbrains you can try Java under the guidance of an experienced teacher to learn the basics of the language and even to write a simple game.

12. Vocational guidance in the format of a talk show

This course is designed more for parents and teachers who want to help children in choosing a future profession, but will be useful to students. In three sections explain how to approach choosing the most consciously and how to organize career guidance sessions in school. The importance of this course cannot be overestimated.

And your children learn online?


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