12 evidence that your health is in order, even if you don’t think so

Each of us at least once found themselves symptoms of a disease, while remaining completely healthy. Not surprising, because signs of illness can be attributed to anything — and mild nausea after too hearty a dinner, and headache, caused by an elementary lack of sleep. What about the signs of health? It turns out that to identify them even easier, and most importantly, they can be trusted.

AdMe.ru will tell you what you should pay attention to ensure their own health.

1. You have enough energy

If you feel the vigor just a couple of hours a day, and after work, falling helplessly on the couch, it may indicate different health problems — from chronic fatigue to heart disease. But if you have enough energy to go for a morning jog, go to work and walk the dog before bed, then most likely you’re perfectly healthy.

2. You have no breath

Bad breath can be a symptom of many diseases, for example, such a widespread of acid reflux when acid, which should be in the stomach, coming back up into the esophagus. From time to time, pay attention to your breathing, and if it’s fresh, then you’re all right.

3. After pinch your skin returns to its former state

Skin elasticity is an indicator not only of youth, but, more importantly, health. Draw a short test: pinch your arm, leg or ankle: if you pinch the skin does not immediately return to its former state, then you are likely dehydrated. Well, if the skin is instantly returned to normal, then you are healthy.

4. You are not experiencing a constant feeling of hunger

If after half an hour after eating you feel hungry again, and it repeats day after day, you have an obvious problem. The reason for constant hunger can be low blood sugar or unhealthy relationship to food that is no better. If food nourishes you and gives you strength, don’t worry — you’re okay.

5. Your face looks full

The fullness and roundness of the soft tissues of the face characteristic of the young and healthy people, so due to the fact that you have “cheeks”, complexes not worth it, but if the face looks haggard, and the skin flabby, it’s time to think about the state of his body.

6. You regularly visit the toilet

Frequency of visits to the toilet as a measure of health, which should not be ignored. Irregular bowel movements is evidence of the failure of the digestive system, while a daily trip to the toilet means that digestion you have everything in order.

7. You have a clear view

The eye is not so much the mirror of the soul as the mirror of your health. Proteins with yellowness or redness can indicate a dangerous disease, but if you have a clean and clear look, then nothing to worry about.

8. You rarely have a headache

Frequent headaches — a reason to immediately contact a doctor, but if you have a headache rarely reason for concern. Rare headaches are often caused by stress or fatigue inherent in all healthy people.

9. You are sick with a cold once a year

As in the case with headache, frequent colds may indicate a more serious health problems, such as sinusitis. But if you catch a cold about once a year, then your immune system all right.

10. You know how to say “no”

The ability to set boundaries in communication and to refuse the offers and requests are often perceived by others as selfishness, but it is a clear “no” to protect mentally healthy people from burnout.

11. You accept help when you need it

A bright sign that mental health deteriorated, inability to ask for and accept help from other people. If a person in a difficult moment allow yourself to lean on loved ones, then worry not really: the thing is that the one who asks for help, already looking for the solution to your problem, and then soberly assess the situation and not give in to fear.

12. You can part with your loved ones when the time comes

One of the main indicators that your psyche is in order, remains the ability to leave toxic people. No matter who you’re under pressure: relative, friend, or partner, if you can interrupt an unhealthy relationship, then you’re OK.

Do you think you are healthy?


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