13 animals you’ve never seen under x-ray

The staff of the Oregon zoo annual medical examination of all pupils. In addition to other necessary procedures and studies animals making x-rays. Recently in the official Twitter of the zoo there are several such x-rays. They are forced to look at the animals familiar to us from the other side.

AdMe.ru offers you to see the animal world as it has not seen anybody.

1. Rodrigesa flying Fox

2. Flamingo

3. Hedgehog (dark spot — gas in stomach)

4. Tolstolistyj Gecko

5. Eel-like catfish

6. Tiger (paw)

7. Chameleon

8. The dictionary battleship

9. Owl

10. Toucan (the beak)

11. Bug

12. Royal Python

13. Beaver (tail)

We wondered who among the inhabitants of the Oregon zoo will be taken for x-rays next, and how, for example, will do an x-ray of an elephant. And whose the would like to see you?


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