13 psychological tricks used by unscrupulous employers at the interview

According to statistics, people spend at work 90 thousand hours, or one third of life. Of course, we all work for money, but not the least the moral satisfaction, a good team, comfortable environment and just the human attitude of the authorities. Not to waste his precious third of my life in toxic work, it is important to draw out the unscrupulous the company at the interview stage.

We AdMe.ru carefully studied the tactics of the HR and explain what the case interview, you need to run without looking back.

1. Intrusive advertise place of work

Unscrupulous recruiter promises you a huge salary, but avoids any specifics. For example, the direct question, “How do I pay holiday pay?” the personnel officer answers, “It’s a decent amount, we will not offend”.

The second alarming sign — HR strongly advises you right now to fill out a form and immediately give the answer, so as not to miss a brilliant chance. Perhaps HR is trying to execute his plan for self-employed or for a company just nobody wants to go.

2. Pull answer summary

In good companies you will not wait — in response to the summary letter will be sent to where will be described the processing of the request. And after the interview, the results reported quickly and do not pull for months.

It will not hurt to perform and the tone of the invitation to the interview: is he really inviting or sounds like a subpoena? Would the HR managers to adapt to your schedule and if you arrive from another city, to pay for the road? All these little things before hiring will help to understand how the company values its employees.

3. The interview ends too quickly

Probably, everyone dreams of having hired him to work without further ADO. However, the fact that your interview lasts 5-10 minutes, no good. Either this place is already picked someone and talk with you for form’s sake, or a place so terrible that personnel officers are happy that you all came.

On the other hand, there are organizations who spend many hours a staged interview, exhausting soul. Usually this is a very bureaucratic structure, where you have to fill in a lot of unnecessary documents.

4. Invited for an interview in an atypical place

Sometimes recruiters are looking for candidate for the seat of the man has not even fired. You can offer to be interviewed in a café, on a walk or in their free time (weekend, early morning).

Experienced headhunters advise you to take such proposals for 3 reasons. First, your future colleagues will look at you as the man who plunged a knife into the back of the unsuspecting employee (although his eyes never seen). Secondly, you’re missing the opportunity to assess the atmosphere in the office. And finally, thirdly, where is the confidence that you will not do the same?

5. The behavior of the boss raises serious questions

Boss with haughty manners, Woe in the office. If your future boss is behaving like a medieval feudal Lord (chasing employees for coffee, comes up with derogatory nicknames, and introduces an illogical incentive system), then your salary will depend entirely on his mood.

A few words about the penalties for behavior. In modern enterprises, monetary penalties are unacceptable — in the end, you are six-year, which should be put in a corner.

6. For a job interview lined up a huge queue

If the room for the interview stuffed a dozen or more candidates, the case was wrong. This means that the company is experiencing problems with the staff. It is unlikely you will like a place where people run sparkling heels.

The second possible variant — in the fraudulent scheme. Networkers who sell grandmothers next miracle device or cosmetics, shall convene to interview a few dozen people at a time in the hope that somebody of the visitors are interested in the vacancy.

7. HR asks intimate questions

Professional personnel will never get into the personal life of the applicant. Questions about planning a pregnancy, finances, health, sexual orientation and religious affiliation — a strict taboo. In some countries, the law even prohibits interested in age future employees to avoid discrimination.

Unfortunately, such inappropriate questions at the interview is still not uncommon. Experienced eychary say that you can never answer this question or say something like “This does not affect my health” / “I used to separate work and personal life.”

8. In the ad there are the words of triggers

Already the announcement of the recruitment you can find out what awaits you at the new place of work. Phrases like “You have to work in a friendly team”, “We welcome the flexibility and responsibility” is in fact alarm bells.

Emphasis on teamwork says that to reach the top in the new place of work is almost impossible and you will remain part of the “big and friendly collective.”

When the employer says: “you need flexibility”, means you are waiting for the stress, turmoil and personnel changes. “Responsibility” in the language of the employer often means that the new place will make of you a scapegoat.

9. The room where the office is located was alarming, and the employees don’t look happy with life

If you came for an interview and found office is in the basement, lit by a dim bulb, and on the doors instead of signs hanging frayed sheet of paper, don’t waste time on conversation. Precarious workspace without offices with old office equipment and lounging by the staff suggests that the employer absolutely does not care about their subordinates.

Look at their future colleagues and assess their body language: they are calm, not pull his head into his shoulders at the appearance of the boss, took you friendly and calmly communicate with each other? Well, this is the place for you. Frowning, casually dressed people with an expression of universal grief on her face — a sign that the employer is mercilessly exploits his subordinates.

10. To work ready to take indiscriminately

Using incorrect ads dishonest employer may involve you in a fraudulent scheme. Hapless jobseekers are lured into financial pyramids, are forced to pay for an interview or leave without pay after the first month of the waste.

The main symptom of a fraudulent scheme — “omnivorous” announcement. It looks something like this: “Work in the office or at home with a flexible schedule, the salary of ₽ 80 thousand Education and experience do not matter. Age from 18 to 70″.

Of course, this works the world does not exist and no one employer, who is of sound mind, will not pay a decent amount to lay for trifling work. Business experts give simple advice: check suspicious companies on the Internet, read the reviews of those who were able to attend the interview.

11. You stubbornly ask for a copy of the passport or other documents

A decent employer will never ask you to provide scans of passport / INN / SNILS on the stage of the consideration process. Reception of documents is carried out only in the personnel Department and nothing else.

Such carelessness is facing challenges — your personal data can get to irresponsible people. In the end, you will become the “owner” of the loan or dummy Director of the company for money laundering.

12. HR makes you take tests that do not relate to future work

Specialists in the recruitment of staff say that the employer shows its best qualities during the interview. If you notice the slightest hint of dismissive attitude — you should know that next will not be better.

When the prospective employee was forced to undergo grueling hours of tests and work that do not apply, so your professional qualities do not matter. Either HR doesn’t know what to ask you, and just creates the appearance of work. You may be asked to solve logic puzzles, fill in the number series, to play the guessing game — all is completely unprofessional.

13. Parking in front of the office is jammed with cars guide

Business speaker Mile Kerr shared a life hack that will help with the first glance, in the company are ordinary workers. If the Parking office half of the seats reserved for the leadership, the organization is strictly hierarchical. Surely Director there will be a dozen deputies, and the ordinary worker to reach the top is almost impossible.

As you meet with employers that wanted to run faster than the wind more on the interview?


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