14 nuances of plastic surgery that refute the myth about its power

In 2017, the world was made 23 390 542 plastic surgery. Today the five most popular procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid corrections and tummy tuck. Surely one of them has ever thought everyone, but cosmetic surgery is for many shrouded in mystery.

AdMe.ru share answers to the most common questions about plastic sphere that exists at the intersection of medicine and cosmetology.

1. Operations can be done from 18 years (in exceptional cases, earlier)

Plastic surgery are cosmetic and reconstructive. First doing to improve the body or face and thus to increase self-esteem. The second is aimed at eliminating congenital or acquired defects of appearance. Surgery for medical reasons performed from an early age. For example, cleft lip corrected after 3 months.

Until the child turned 18 years, every medical intervention is consistent with the parents (or guardians) and supported by their signatures. If a child signs documents, those will be void.

2. Recovery after surgery can take several months

The recovery period depends on the specific operation and health of the patient. After the procedures, requiring strong intervention in the body (such as injection), just a few days. Rehabilitation after facelift takes up to 30 days.

After surgery, breast reduction (it makes men with disproportionately large Breasts) reconstruction will require at least 1-2 weeks. Breast augmentation will require about 6 weeks for recovery. At this time you need to comply with a special regime (not to lift heavy things, not drinking alcohol and so on), visit the doctor and bandaging to take a painkiller and at the end to remove the stitches.

3. When choosing a specialist is the importance of the doctor’s experience, his portfolio, and not only

A plastic surgeon should be in professional organizations and to have the appropriate education and certification. The additional benefit of professional involvement. If the doctor participates in conferences, or teaching — he is aware of the latest trends in their field. An important experience of the specific operations, as there is a specialization.

Before you agree to surgery, you need to ask your doctor to show results of its work. Many clients do not want their photos published on the clinic’s website or in its publications, but it would be better if the doctor, respecting confidentiality, will show you pictures “before” and “after”. Pay attention to whether the doctor pictures of patients after one year or more after surgery. Reviews from other patients can help, too.

4. Plastic covered dozens of myths

Many people believe that cosmetic surgery can be done at one time. In fact, many operations involve multiple sessions (e.g., mammoplasty, liposuction), and postoperative surveillance with restriction of some activities of daily living. Visits to the doctor will also need to do afterwards.

Another common misconception: after liposuction, fat will not accumulate. Alas, he may return, only to be postponed for the other places. Someone thinks that after surgical procedures come the sun is harmful, but most operations do not require such restrictions, although sun exposure may be reduced in the first few days — this will allow the scars to heal faster.

5. The surgeon may refuse a patient

Yes, there may be several reasons: age under 18 years, presence of diseases that can adversely affect operations (for example diseases of the blood or of the heart). Many surgeons refuse patients if they deliberately inflated expectations: the doctor can’t “make” any desired body part on a photo — it works with what you endowed nature. So, for example, radically change the shape of the lips will not succeed. The same applies to customers who are obsessed with the idea to copy the appearance of any stars.

6. Sometimes after surgery you need to change the passport

Depends on how major changes happened with the appearance of the person. Known cases when people are unable to go through passport control at the airport because the officer did not recognize them in the photo in the passport. If the previous photo only resembles your face, the document will have to change. If the appearance has not changed significantly, the passport can be left.

7. Plastic is not going to eliminate excess weight quickly

The procedure given posleoperatsyonnoho recovery will take a long time. The first 2-3 weeks, the patients will experience pain, and the body will remain bruises. Work, exercise, child care and household chores will need to be postponed for 4-6 weeks. Fully rehabilitation will end in six months or a year.

Then you will see the final result until that time, the tummy will swell and the patient may experience numbness and stiffness in this part of the body. Scar at the level of the pubic bone will remain for life, although over time will become less noticeable.

8. The operation is fraught with complications

Complications after surgery may vary. Hematomas occur in 1% of patients after operations on the chest and face. Seroma (accumulation of tissue fluid under the skin) occurs more frequently, especially those who had surgery on his stomach. The liquid is quite easily removed by pumping through a syringe needle. Other common complications are infection and blood loss.

In liposuction the surgeon may hurt internal organs, to restore which may require a separate operation. Thromboembolism (blockage of veins or thrombus) is found only in 0,09 % of the time and a little more vulnerable patients applying to the tummy tuck surgery. The risk of blood clots is higher in those who took more than one operation. In addition to the actions of the doctor cause of complications may be incorrectly matched anesthesia.

9. Aesthetic surgery is harmless, but the risk is always there

Surgery is always a risk. To protect yourself, you need to carefully choose the specialist who will do the surgery. But apart from the skill of the doctor matters is how carefully and consistently the patient will perform the preliminary preparation and subsequent regulations.

10. Surgery requires a long training

Every operation begins with a preliminary consultation, where the doctor evaluates the patient’s condition and guides for tests. In addition, the surgeon adjusts the diet and lifestyle before the operation, it is better to refrain from alcohol and Smoking and limit the intake of certain drugs (particularly aspirin and hormonal drugs). During the operation it is better to abuse salty and spicy food, since it provokes swelling.

11. Smoking and plastic surgery are incompatible

Doctors recommend patients to stop using nicotine for 2 weeks before surgery: this applies not only to cigarettes but also to nicotine patches, gums and other products. The fact that nicotine increases the risk of postoperative complications and slows the healing process.

The study, conducted by doctors under the direction of Aaron van slika (Aaron C. Van Slyke), showed that plastic has helped 25 % of the patients quit Smoking, and 40 % of subjects significantly reduced the frequency of nicotine consumption. An important role was played by the discussion of specific adverse effects for each patient.

12. The operation is performed under General anesthesia, but after it can be a pain

All these operations are carried out under local or General anesthesia, so at the time of the procedure, the patient feels no pain. In the first days and weeks after surgery can be painful feeling of bruises, stitches or swelling. Unpleasant sensations in the body can occur after administration of the injection, particularly in the lips. In General, should not be afraid: professional will select the best anesthesia care that minimize pain.

13. Face lift helps to “reset” a minimum of 5 years

Removal of excess skin that appear on the face due to aging, takes 2 to 5 hours. The surgery is performed under General or local anesthesia, relying on the opinion of the anesthesiologist. After surgery women and men can visually throw off a minimum of 5.5 years.

After surgery, 21% of patients in need of correction, and 76% of people retain newly acquired youth. The terms depend on the starting material and the characteristics of each individual organism. Anyway, the lift cannot make a person looks younger more than 10-15 years.

14. Plastic surgery tourism allows you to save 40-80 % on operations

Cosmetic surgery is expensive, so that future patients are trying to save. One of the ways to do the procedure in another country. In some cases, this method allows you to pay for surgery in 40-80 % less than in the home country. Most popular “cosmetic tourism” — Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Italy. The top 10 also includes Germany, India and Russia.

If you want to have plastic surgery, what would you change?


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