15+ cards that clearly explain what’s going on with this world

The most expensive geographical map is worth $ 10 million Drawn it on a goatskin, and is a plan of the new York Bay of the XVI century. And while some chase rare specimens to add to their collection, others create their cards, the content of which is much more interesting school textbook.

We AdMe.ru love to find unusual facts about the world using non-standard cards. I hope that you will enjoy.

1. Countries mentioned in the Bible

2. The change of seasons

3. Countries with free education

4. How long is maternity leave for fathers in different countries

5. The spread of the Irish language in Ireland

6. Average salary by country (US$)

7. Map the greening of the planet. The leaders are China and India

8. European countries, which preserved the monarchy

9. In some countries people smoke more

10. Greenland and Krasnoyarsk Krai are almost identical in shape and size

11. International index of happiness. Green marked the happiest country, and red is poor

12. The average height of men in Europe

13. Continents, bound to the Internet wires

14. Countries where they eat mostly meat (kg/person per year)

15. The percentage of migrants in European countries

16. The age of majority in different countries

Bonus: the globe for visually impaired people

We could not think that Greenland and Krasnoyarsk Krai are so similar. And which of these cards have helped you to see the world from a different angle?


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