15 photos that prove that climate change is no joke

City streets disappear under water, forests are burning, ice caps are melting, and the daily people’s actions only exacerbate the situation. If we continue in the same spirit, we’ll lose our only home. Only by combining efforts, we can save our planet, and start acting is now.

AdMe.ru seeks to convey the idea of how important it is to take care of the nature and encourages you to join the most important mission of this century — to save our planet.

1. Pedersen glacier, Alaska, 100 years ago and now

2. The magnificent Victoria falls turned into a stream

3. We are losing forests and their inhabitants in the fires around the world

4. Floods come to town more often

5. Icelandic glacier Akgonul, filmed in August 2019

6. Climate change has caused a decrease in the number of new corals on the Great barrier reef 89 %

7. This whole glacier turned into water

8. In just 6 years, the lake Aculeo disappeared as if it never existed

9. Dam in South Africa, too, vanished without a trace

10. People lost their homes as a result of the spill of the Ganges river

11. Lake Urmia has changed color and is about to dry up

12. Forests burn worldwide, and Amazon is no exception

13. Flood of the Mississippi river reached the city streets

14. Grinnell glacier is now barely can be called a glacier

15. In just 3 years, the California Oroville lake is almost completely dry

Do you know of other examples of threatening climate change? How do you aspire to help nature?


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