15+ rules of hygiene, which we were not warned doctors

Brush your teeth 2 times a day, wash hands before eating, regularly cut nails — these are the rules we learned in childhood. But the laws of hygiene are not limited to: doctors had convinced everyone that it is imperative as little as possible to touch your face with your hands once per week to change linen and to clean the ears with cotton sticks.

We AdMe.ru realized that over and over again repeating the same mistakes in personal hygiene, which can cause certain diseases.

16. My face in the shower

Taking a shower, each of us washes his face under the streams of water. But this, at first glance, a harmless procedure that can affect the health of the skin. Hot water in combination with an aggressive pressure damages the small capillaries and disrupts the skin’s protective barrier.

15. Use organic cosmetics is wrong

Every day organic cosmetics is gaining popularity. But not all know how to properly use and store properly. Products “healthy” cosmetics not intended for storage in a bathroom or on a shelf, and the shelf life may be only a few months.

14. Wipe the sweat hands

Many of us from time to time wiped the sweat hands the napkin is not always there. But maybe this habit is the cause of irritation, acne and pimples. After all, every square inch of skin is home to about 1 500 bacteria, and half of them remains there even after washing. Therefore it is necessary to have on hand paper handkerchiefs or a towel to once again not to touch the skin with your hands.

13. Not my hands after contact with animals

Four-legged beauties can give us about 150 viral or bacterial infections. By the way, from 1 415 pathogens that cause harm to humans, 61% of the Pets carry on their fur and paws. By the way, to wash their hands even after contact with cage, toys and food pet.

12. Leave the brush in the purse

Cosmetic bag — a beneficial environment for bacteria. All those brushes and sponges that we stored somewhere in her day, become home to germs that can cause skin infections and food poisoning, bloodstream infections and pneumonia. Therefore it is necessary to have a separate place for cosmetic accessories and more, to clear them from cosmetics.

11. Barefoot

Podiatrists believe that walking barefoot everywhere is not the best idea. It is not even fungal infections that we can pick up. Walking barefoot on hard surfaces can be the beginning of foot deformities due to improper pressure distribution.

10. Not my combs, elastic bands, hair clips

Dead skin cells, sebum and dust accumulate on all items that we use for hair care. Thus combs, elastic bands, and barrettes have become hotbeds for bacteria. So carefully wash with shampoo combs and hair accessories every month.

9. Use for cleaning toxic substances

Antibacterial cleaners, means for washing Windows and glass and even detergent for dishes — each of them can be found phosphates, alkalis, pesticides, ammonia and other toxic substances that penetrate into our body, accumulate in and cause harm. Therefore, you should wear gloves every time we got a cleaning, and carefully rinse with water the surface, which is purified.

8. Sleeping in the same pajamas for more than 7 days

Day after day, the pajamas thing is filled with bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells. Sometimes they cause of acne on back and shoulders, and sometimes cysts of the sebaceous glands.

7. Apply moisturizer too late

All moisturizing products should be applied right after we got out of the shower without wiping body with a towel. So are we holding the moisture on the surface of the skin — this is the way any cream.

6. Wear shoes without socks

Perhaps it is fashionable and comfortable, but our health will thank us for this decision. This combination, as poorly ventilated shoes, sweat and no socks is an ideal environment for the development of fungal infections. Besides shoes that are too tight to bare skin, can give us the bumps on the toes and ingrown nails.

5. Did not clean the nails

Under our nails develop colonies of bacteria. The fact that antibacterial soap or lotion does not reach the space between nail and skin and the germs to thrive in a safe environment. So you should care for your fingernails at least in the evenings, using the brush.

4. Not comb the hair before washing

Wet hair will stretch and return to its original state when dry. If that’s the time to brush them and stretch even more, then after a few weeks, we will have to solve the problem with scissors. This can be avoided: it is necessary to hair comb before washing. By the way, so we’ll leave that comb all those hairs that could fall in a sewer pipe.

3. Leave the hands damp after washing

Is to wipe his hands dry after we washed them. In a humid environment, bacteria multiply several times faster.

2. Use some nail scissors on the hands and feet

You should keep a separate set of manicure tools for nail art on hands and feet. Thus we do not carry the bacteria on hands, when once again think about the manicure.

1. Not wash our hands before using the toilet

You should think about washing your hands before using the toilet. No matter how careful we may be, sometimes you can accidentally touch the skin and delicate areas, and the bacteria, which at this moment are on hand, safely move to the right for their development environment.

What are the rules of personal hygiene can advise you?


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