16 fantastic creatures, the creation of which nature is a little too clever by half

New Zealanders love their “drunken pigeon” in South America are proud of odnosum ringer, the loudest bird on Earth, and we are more impressed by the ability of the piranha to drop the blunt teeth on the spot where you immediately receive the new kit. And you are no dentists.

AdMe.ru dug up on the Internet facts about living creatures with such features that fit to invent for them a new emotion — something between laughter and surprise.

1. Pigeons the kehrer from New Zealand eat overripe berries and fruits, which get drunk, fall out of trees and sleeping, lounging on the ground

2. In the jaws of the piranhas there is another, secret set of teeth. When the piranhas at once their old teeth, they are replaced by new, and them immediately you can use

3. Agnosy the ringer is the loudest bird in the world: his marriage Creek reaches 125 dB (that’s louder than a fire siren). And he shouted straight into the ears of his beloved

4. The snakehead fish can crawl along the ground like a snake and can live on land for up to 5 days

6. Scientists have discovered that Madagascar rokonok ay-ay there’s a sixth finger. It is a small appendage that helps them climb trees

7. Mating dragonflies are bent in the shape of a heart

8. Snail cone shoots his victims with poisonous tooth harpoon at the speed of a bullet, and Dodge can’t even the fastest fish. Cones are dangerous to humans

9. Poisonous boxfish cube, or a fish-box, it has this form because of internal shell cubic shape. He inspired the creators of the Mercedes-Benz Bionic

10. Walrus can whistle as people

11. Dolphins never fully fall asleep: while one hemisphere of the brain of a Dolphin sleeps, another is awake. If the Dolphin is asleep, he will drown

12. Can frogs change sex. They have a special organ by which the male turns into a female

13. The giant arapaima can easily live with piranhas: their scales are 10 times stronger than bone. The language they too bony

14. Have klemantaski frog mating serenades sing, not males, and females. The male can only choose the best. However, to take care of the offspring will also be he

15. Rays chew their food exactly the same as people

16. It looks like a porcupine albino


Spiders-it’s okay, and tell us how you sometimes surprise their own Pets?


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