16 features of the human body which you know not even all the doctors

The human brain loves roses. The fragrance of these flowers helps people to better remember information, found German scientists. By the way, a pleasant smell helps to learn even during sleep.

Our body is generally pretty strange, sometimes it seems like it lives its own separate from our lives. And we AdMe.ru even found proof. By the way, when you read an article, try to light the incense sticks with the scent of roses.

1. Obesity kills the taste of food

The taste buds transmit to the brain information not only about the taste of food, but also about the pleasure derived from human favorite food. People with obvious overweight worse taste. It used to be that people with fewer papillae on the tongue is more prone to obesity, because they need more food to get pleasure, but American scientists have found that things are not quite right.

They conducted experiments on mice, placing them on a diet high in fat. Some animals quickly gained weight and at the same time began to lose taste buds. Those who were resistant to obesity, such problems were not. Thus the researchers came to the conclusion that the loss of taste is a metabolic consequence of obesity that causes an inflammatory reaction that destroys the taste buds.

2. Men too can breastfeed

Theoretically, men have all, to feed the child breast — mammary glands and the hormone prolactin. However, cancer is less for women, so, not so spacious, and prolactin is produced too little. But in the case of hormonal failure, tumors of the pituitary gland (this is where prolactin is produced) or liver (it is responsible for the processing of hormones) of male breast can go milk.

According to physiologist Jared diamond, of male lactation may occur because of hunger, as it had been prisoners in some concentration camps during the Second world war. And yet, according to the researcher, it can be started artificially by stimulating the nipples. In the beginning the media wrote that a resident of Sri Lanka whose wife died, unable to endure the screams of an eight month old daughter, put her to the breast. After some time, he found that the child eats.

3. Hair on the body to protect from insects

Until recently it was believed that body hair is unnecessary inheritance from distant ancestors. But the scientists from Sheffield found that they help faster feel the insects and prevent them to bite you. The researchers placed the bugs on a shaved and unshaved limbs 29 volunteers and found that neepidermoidnyi subjects quickly noticed on your body unpleasant guest.

4. All people striped

In fact, every person on the skin has a pattern that resembles tiger stripes. This is called blashko’s lines (named after Alfred Blaško — the doctor who discovered their existence). Information on these lines is contained in DNA, but they become visible under certain circumstances. For example, for violations of the genetic information, if chimerism or even stress.

5. We have nails grow faster than our grandmothers

British scientists have found that now the nails are growing faster than in the 30-ies of the last century. The nail on my big toe in 30 years has grown by 1.65 mm in a month, now — 2 mm. On the thumb: 3mm a month in 1938, 3,06 mm in 1950 to 3.55 in 2009. the Rest of the nails on the hands grow on average at a speed of 3.47 mm per month.

Nails — one of the indicators of human health. Judging by it, over the past decade, the world has become healthier.

6. Lips — the most sensitive part of the body

Your lips have more than a million nerve endings — about 100 times more than the fingertips. Thus they are very vulnerable because they have no sweat glands, so they do not have enough source of natural fat that would protect them from the vagaries of the weather. Perhaps this is the most vulnerable part of your body.

7. You can live without most of the internal organs

Can a person live without a stomach, no spleen, no kidney, no gall bladder, no reproductive organs, and even without a cerebellum. Moreover, without these important components of the endocrine system as the thyroid and pancreas, too, can live if you take certain hormones.

8. In the amusement Park authorities change the location

While riding on a roller coaster you may feel like all your insides turned upside down. Now, don’t you think. Your internal organs do shift when you’re on extreme rides. Overload along the lines of “head — pelvis” makes the nonrigid fixed organs (liver, kidney) down to the maximum possible depth. Blood rushes down from my head, heart and lungs in the abdomen and legs.

9. The scope of human memory — 1 million gigabytes

The human memory can store information of about one quadrillion bytes, or one million gigabytes. It’s almost the entire Internet.

10. We can’t feel the smells while you sleep

Remember the commercials of coffee, which use aroma of freshly brewed beverage would Wake people? Now, scientists have caught advertisers lie. They conducted an experiment, during which tried to awaken the sleeping pleasant mint smell and unpleasant — pyridine. Neither one nor the other had no effect. The bad news: smell of smoke in case of fire is also unlikely to be able to raise someone out of bed.

11. At night, the brain is more active than during the day

This statement may seem contrary to the previous one, but Australian scientists strongly argue that by nightfall the brain works harder than during the day. Perhaps it was the fact that the dark man lurks more danger, and he needs to work hard to avoid them.

12. The umbilical cord — the first toy of a child

Doctors often see on the ultrasound how the baby pulls the handle for the cord. Scientists suggest that the way he plays, because the game is for the baby not that other, as the knowledge of the world. And to this seek knowledge even not yet born kids.

13. Scientists have learned how to regenerate teeth

Teeth are given to us twice in my life — dairy and molars. In humans, unlike many animals, they do not regenerate, however, scientists around the world are trying to change this situation. In Britain, researchers have learned to grow third set of teeth in mice. And in China, said he has learned how to regenerate tooth enamel.

14. There are some tumors that can grow your own teeth

And not only teeth. In 2008, Colorado newborn removed a brain tumor. During the operation doctors discovered the baby’s head 2 foot, 1 of which has now been completed and the other partially, and also partially formed hand. This effect gives a teratoma — a tumor capable of forming human organs. Sounds creepy, looks too, but in most cases the tumor is benign.

15. The largest cell in the human body — the egg

Female egg 600 times more sperm. Its size reaches 0.1 mm, and theoretically its even possible to see without a microscope.

16. Human tears can heal

In the fairy tale “Rapunzel”, the main character has a loved one heal with her tears. This is the truth. The fact is that human tears contain lysozyme — proteins, capable of destroying the cell walls of bacteria. And they have in saliva, in gastric mucosa and in human breast milk.

How do you think the human body is already understood? Or we do not know half of the secrets that it hides?


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