16 things that filmmakers for years to lie to the audience

In a vacuum there is no sound, so space ships explode silently. Stand near the lava is actually dangerous. Slowly go to the background of the explosion will not work — will be knocked down by the shock wave. Today, many know that it is not only stamps, but also not true, that’s just the movies — not only a fantastic lie about the huge number of other things, sometimes obvious, sometimes not.

AdMe.ru critically examined a dozen common cyneclise and explains why you can’t trust them.

1. The car will survive anything

The series of films “fast and furious” lying: racing cars more complicated and more common, but also require more careful because of these improvements, they are not even always able to withstand driving on normal streets. For example, on urban roads, “Formula 1” carefully record all manholes, but the pressure under the bottoms of the cars sometimes still tear, and then the car usually is not able to continue the race due to damage.

While ordinary cars are not suitable for a spectacular long jumps, because the suspension and tires are not designed for such loads and immediately crashes.

2. “You have the right to 1 call”

The classic phrase uttered police after the detainee will read out the Miranda rule, that is misleading about the right to silence and counsel, and warn that anything said can be used in court. But it is not so simple. First, the right 1 a call is only in the USA, in the UK, so is not accepted. Secondly, the legislation of each state regulates this issue in different ways. For example, in California you can make 3 calls.

3. To fall into the trash safely

In many movies you see the hero escape from his pursuers, jumps off 3rd floor to the garbage or just garbage, and then cheerfully jumps out of the tank and is carried away into the distance. However, even in water or cotton wool is dangerous to dive from that height, not to mention the black bags, which are usually discarded household waste, including glass bottles, light bulbs and other solid hazardous objects, from which a thin polyethylene does not protect. ACE Ventura, Neo and many other characters at least would break anything and was filthy from head to toe.

4. Secure one-punch knockouts

In movies you can often see a character with one blow sends opponents down and out, and they come in a few minutes, as if nothing had happened gave chase. Sometimes, if the hero needs a bigger head start, the enemies are unconscious for hours. But there are several implausible moments.

  • To knock down a trained person, very rarely need one. A realistic scenario will require many accurate hits with great force.
  • Punches bare fists are dangerous to the batter — so you can even break the wrist or fingers. Therefore, professional athletes in the martial arts, always protect hands (e.g., gloves).
  • Knockout does not necessarily imply fainting, is a condition in which the opponent is no longer able to fight. Loss of consciousness if present, lasts only a few seconds. But even without it people some time to be disoriented, it will be hard to get, and the more to be somewhere else and fight again.
  • Moreover, no matter where came the knockout blow, he will in any case lead to serious injury, and the person will need medical help to survive and not become disabled.
  • Prolonged loss of consciousness, the more will not allow to fight, because, most likely, will lead to death.

5. The rear seat passengers sit in the middle

The vast majority of people, being in the back seat of the car alone, prefers to sit behind one of the front seats. But the man who is watching a movie, easily distracted, and then wonder who it talks to the driver, so a movie character, sitting back, choose a seat in the middle.

6. “Cover me”

One of the favorite tricks of the writers, when the hero or heroine throws companion “Cover me” — in the middle of the day is carried away to deal with personal issues. But in most cases the work is of a character such that the cover it will not succeed. It is no wonder that one waiter serves a fixed number of tables, not 2 times more. In such a life fleeing quickly added to the list of their problems and find a new job.

7. Inept musicians does not exist

Any teenager is enough to jam on the guitar a couple of months after school and he starts to play like a Pro. Does not exist and false notes, all sung flawlessly and without problems perform a duet after 2-3 rehearsals.

But anyone who went to the school of music or at least singing in the shower instead of a microphone, knows that’s not true. The voice should be placed, and it is a long process that requires serious work. Playing musical instruments — even more so.

8. Lights in the suit

Viewers need to know who is hidden in a spacesuit, but the astronaut need to look outside, and then working directly from the person the light bulb will only interfere. On the same principle, looking out on the street at night you turn the lights off in the room and give your eyes adjust to the darkness.

9. Tracking calls

Police hard look at the man who struggled chatting up a felon to stall. The time you need to trace where the call comes, and grab the villain.

But for a long time the police can trace any call automatically by simply pick up the phone. This applies to mobile phones and landlines.

10. An adult can be lifted by the neck with one hand

Looks very impressive, with it nobody argues. But the weight of an adult is usually too large to lift it with one hand. Even if a power allows it to do to keep a man will not work, because the neck will break under body weight.

11. You can hang on your fingers

It is impossible for the same reason: fingers not withstand such weight, so very tired quickly, unclench, and the man will fall. Especially if you hold with one hand. Especially if the second is to keep someone else.

12. Forging swords easily

Enough to melt the metal, pour it in the open stone, dipping once in water and a few times to walk on it with a hammer. The sword that can penetrate any armor, ready. In fact, these scenes usually show the aluminum, because it gives a bold orange color with a relatively low melting point. The real blade that can withstand a full-fledged battle in the form is not done, it is necessary to forge from pre-machined block of metal.

13. All the time keep your finger on the trigger of the gun safe

Dangerous. One of the first rules taught to beginners who are interested in the shooting, says that the finger should be on the trigger only if you really going to click, and why now, not before. And of course, most of the characters who make this error are considered experts in the handling of weapons.

14. Look in the binoculars

Anyone who has looked through binoculars at least once, knows that it does not restrict the field of view this kind of frame.

15. Ninjas wear black

Black tight suit was invented in the puppet theater.

Real ninjas prefer ordinary clothes that allows you to blend in with the crowd, and for special jobs wore suits reddish-brown, grey, yellowish-brown or dark grey tints, which is better camouflage in the dark.

16. All the main characters high

However, the rise of Tom cruise — 170 cm as tall, James McAvoy and al Pacino. Daniel Radcliffe is too low — see 165 Hollywood is so cleverly disguises the height of the actors as Robert Downey Jr., who is 9 cm below of Chris Evans and 14 below, Chris Hemsworth, in a frame often looks like the same growth.

What lies in the movie annoys you the most?


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