17 to simplify the life of fixtures, the existence of which we have not even imagined

For centuries people tried to make their life easier by inventing new tools and devices. Over time they become more and more perfect and functional. But now the progress has reached such a level that there are fantastic things, for example: shredder inflated balls, laser eraser printed text and portable lift.

AdMe.ru found 17 unique tools that greatly simplify the life of man, and the funny thing about many of them we never even heard of.

1. Juicer one lemon slices

2. Roller for cutting donuts

3. When you want to cook barbecue for a hundred people

4. The blade, which is convenient to capture slices of pizza

5. Laser eraser text

6. Tool for precision marking holes in tile

7. The washer for the fences

8. Dig a vegetable garden has never been so easy

9. Apparatus for the destruction of structures made of balloons

10. Board for slicing cucumbers thin layers

11. The device which forms the dough piece rolls

12. Laser machine for remove rust

13. Vintage knife sharpener blade

14. Fire extinguisher-shotgun

15. The device, which folds the A4 sheets into the envelopes, sealed them and glued up

16. Mechanism for easy and quick unloading of the truck

17. Portable lift


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