18+: brand ODOR videolubuk presented new autumn-winter collection

It was filmed with the help of Chatroulette

Brand ODOR published videolubuk new autumn / winter collection, directed by St. Petersburg photographer and artist Sasha Chaika. The plot of the movie the heroes are trying to please each other in Chatroulette — an online service that allows anonymous chat using video and text chat with randomly selected strangers.

“We made a project about fashion as part of life, as important and beautiful as friendship and sex, without borders and prejudices. Autumn-winter collection ODOR presented on fifteen different characters, as if dissolved in them, blurring the lines of age, gender, and sexual preferences. This is clothing for all. Preserving the concept and DNA of the brand, she emphasizes the individuality of each. One of the heroes, my friend, who lives in Paris, dressed in archival things ODOR from previous collections. It reminds us that the usual seasonality in fashion, most likely, will go of the past and things of the brand with a clear ideology will always be to keep the variability and relevance, and clothing, as well as gender, will lose fixation on stereotypical associations,” — said the designer ODOR Nikita Kalmykov.

ODOR-ROULETTE FW 20-21 from P R on Vimeo.

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New collection

autumn-winter collection


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