18 x-rays that will know your body better than my anatomy textbook

The human body resembles a perfect mechanism. At the time, when you work, sleep, exercise, your heart pumps blood, and the brain works without rest. We would not be able to look at these processes without the invention of Wilhelm Roentgen: 120 years ago scientist discovered the rays that allow you to literally see right through people. But today you will learn what secrets lurk in your body.

AdMe.ru reviewed hundreds of MRI scans, x-rays and found the most exciting. I bet you’ve never seen the Opera party in the CT machine?

1. The brain of a patient in a coma and brain of a healthy person

2. Panoramic image of the jaw. A man forgot to remove the glasses

3. The child swallowed a pendant in the form of Sponge Bob

4. Tractography (special MRI) shows nerve fibers connecting different brain areas

5. The artificial heart-AbioCor

6. The woman with the baby in the MRI machine

7. Woman with bright makeup before the procedure CT scan. The device scanned a painted eyelashes

8. X-ray of the patient that underwent the procedure of braces with gold thread

9. Abdominal CT courier who was caught transporting illegal substances

10. So changing the hand of man from 8 months to 18 years

11. The ankle, which is made using a color spectral scanner

12. Radiograph of a patient with a weight of 186 kg

13. Opera singer Michael fall plays the part of Richard Wagner’s Opera “Tannhauser”

14. Patient with alcoholic brain damage. Due to the effects of alcohol the brain and the cerebellum is reduced in size

15. The child turned in the womb

16. The blood vessels of the finger. That is why the blood begins to run, is only a little cut finger

17. The aorta is the largest artery of the body

18. Looks like the teeth of a person 7 (top) and 30 years

Bonus: sometimes you get tired radiologists to review images and decide to make a joke


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