19 photos of nature, which is not ashamed to add in school textbooks

It would seem that we still know from school almost all basic facts about the world and us, it is hardly possible to surprise. But once you see the nettle in the multiplication, rain drops in slow motion mode and a giraffe albino, as you know, how much more the unknown can be detected, even without specialized education.

We AdMe.ru decided to show highlights of the amazing nature, shared by ordinary users on the network.

The hairs of the nettle, with the repeated magnification, that show why it stings

Giraffe albino from Kenya

Fox with incomplete melanism, which part of her hair black, and some usual red color

Eggs of the green stink bug tree-like emoticons

So newborn hedgehogs look like

The difference between a flight and covering feathers of a bird

The trunk of an oak tree is home to white pine. Both trees are alive and there are already more than 100 years

The ants are on the sides and show the rest where to move

“Just look at my blue cactus”

One of the smallest vertebrates in the world — a chameleon of Madagascar

“Pink grasshopper I saw in Ohio”

These grapes grew in… a big bunch of grapes

“My very unusual succulent blossom”

It looks like rain in slow motion

The young ferret like fluffy jelly beans

“Baby hummingbirds compared to my hand”

“I found the exoskeleton of a grasshopper”

Tore down an unused chimney and found a cluster of nests approximately 25 generations of birds

These 2 bacteria seem to have found each other

And what wonders of nature you noticed in everyday life?


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