19 simple things that make the people in charge to save the planet

11 258 scientists from around the world signed a report titled “Warning of extreme climate condition.” It says that the planet faces a massive environmental crisis and, if not urgently begin to change, humanity is waiting for the “indescribable suffering”. While countries hesitate to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, forests are cut down, the surface temperature of the Earth increases, one-third of food produced worldwide every year goes to waste. But there are those who are trying to reduce the harm that people cause to the planet. They use the confetti of fallen leaves is purchase and produce sneakers of debris caught in the ocean.

We AdMe.ru also trying to be environmentally friendly and encourage you to think about what can be done to our home personally to you.

1. In the Czech Republic appeared the apparatus in which it is possible to refill the empty bottles of shampoo or shower gel instead of every time to buy a new one

2. The store sells clothing from recycled plastic bottles and demonstrates how it was made

“Garbage — grinding, twisting the clothes.”

3. In France in 2016, the law that prohibits supermarkets to destroy unsold products. They are obliged to give them to charity

4. In Denmark opened a new store where you can buy food, shelf life which is about to end, or products in damaged packaging, with a discount of 30-50 %. The profit goes to charity

5. “So look 160 kg of food, which could be in the trash, but was donated to the homeless shelters. It will be enough for 400 people”

6. KitKat in Japan ceased to produce in plastic packaging, replacing it with a paper

7. Adidas produces 11 million sneakers recycled plastic per year. 1 pair of shoes out of plastic bottles 11

8. For the year 56 million thrown away the used coffee capsules. Startup makes Velosophy bikes from coffee capsules, Nespresso (they can pass in the store)

9. The student came up with a cheap and durable plastic, which consists of starch and water and decomposes in 2 months. It is possible to do the dishes and packages

10. Shop uses banana leaves instead of plastic packaging

11. The device, which can be filled with water own container. The counter shows how many you have saved plastic bottles

12. “The grapes in our supermarket are sold in little paper bags instead of plastic”

13. Cinema gathers the remnants of the popcorn and sends it to local farms for animal feed

14. European stores are switching from conventional labels for laser engraving on fruits and vegetables

15. Shampoo bottle soap: all consumed without residue

16. In the Belgian shop you can cut a piece of soap and solid shampoo instead of buying a plastic bottle

17. The Finnish startup Sulapac invented a material made from sawdust and glue, from which you can make containers for cosmetics and more. It is durable and biodegradable

18. Eco-friendly confetti that you can do with your children

19. “The world is changing. I always go to the store with fabric bags, and if a year ago people looked at me strange, now ask where I bought them”

Bonus: at the tel Aviv offices appeared a new trend — photo “condemning Greta Thunberg” next to plastic utensils

And do you do anything to reduce the amount of garbage on the planet?


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