19-year-old footballer got killed in a fight

Photos by: Kim Orel / AP

Player “Harlow town” Francois kablan Duncan was killed in a brawl in London. About it reports The Guardian.

19-year-old died from stab wounds on the spot. Police arrested four people among the suspects in the murder of kablan Duncan, three men and one woman. The oldest of them 20 years. Two suspects released on bail.

Kablan played for reservists “Harlow town”. “Francois was a great guy, a great player. Many of our players studied with him in College, so they were not easy to learn about this tragedy,” said the coach of the reserve squad Adam Connolly.

18 July 2019, the player of the youth team of the Mexican “Dorados de Sinaloa” the Mircea Francisco Herrera Gastelum was killed by unknown assailants on the street. He received a fatal stab in the heart.


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