20-year-old student died after a crazy initiations, drinking vodka from the pigs

Student forced to come to the party-the ceremony of initiation. He was forced to drink a lot of vodka from the pig’s head. As a result, he died from the amount of alcohol consumed, reports Life.ru with reference to The Mirror.

Photo: The Mirror

The victim, a student of the University of new castle ed Farmer was trying to escape from the seniors to avoid the initiation ceremony.

The fact that the freshmen had to drink 100 shots of vodka.

Such a test startled ed, and he was not going to take part in the ceremony. But he was caught and forcibly bringing to a party where they shaved my head.

As examination has shown, the amount of alcohol in the body of the student exceeded the norm by five times.

The University administration does not give permission for such activities, but students still satisfied with them every year.

A student is so intoxicated that he had to be carried home to undergrad, where he later fell in the hallway and stopped breathing.

The doctors said that the death occurred 30 minutes before arrival to the hospital.


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