25 ways to enjoy summer if you haven’t really felt

Immerse yourself in the holiday season with his head. At least in August.

1. Picnic

The picnic is any meal in nature, therefore based on their capabilities. Go to the nearest Park with a blanket and sandwiches and spend a few hours stretched out on the lawn. Or throw in the car grill, marinated meat, vegetables and go to barbecues.

Just keep in mind that in some regions bonfires may be prohibited due to high fire hazard. You can usually find this on the website of the regional emergencies Ministry.

2. Hike

If a picnic seems the Lite version of summer fun, try pahardcore: go for a hike. Better to do without half-measures: to get on the train to the starting point and move along a pre-selected route with backpacks to the place of halt. But if you are inexperienced hikers to get to the clearing, suitable for tent, you can on the car.

Find out in advance the level of fire risk in the region. In some periods in the woods is better not to meddle, even if you are very careful.

3. Marathon

This, of course, not on the run: a month to prepare for the distance of 42 km from zero simply will not work. Arrange a personal marathon of achievements and try to do something every day.

It is better to choose something pleasant and enjoyable. Thus, the failure of the sugar on all of August will be useful, but unlikely to lift the mood. But the promise every day to take at least 3 km, you will get a pleasant summer walks.

4. Beach party

It is very summer fun it is hard to move on afterwards, so plan a beach party immediately. All you need is a big company, a place with sand between your toes, cold drinks, cardboard cups and the music source.

If you want a little more civilization, looking for a friend with a private home. Let’s have a party in his back yard, and the sand just pour into an inflatable kiddie pool. The most important thing — the atmosphere.

5. The berry and fruit festival

In August, the shelves are full of gifts of nature. The grapes of different varieties, melons and watermelons, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums — if all to enumerate, you get an impressive list.

You can eat something new every day. Sounds like a plan.

6. A visit to the village

Summer is associated with nature, the hay and the chirping of crickets, even the citizens of the seventh generation. Perhaps this is the consequences of reading Prishvin and Bianchi, or genetic memory works, in any case, a visit to the village — a great way to create a summer mood.

If no relatives in the countryside, look for a hotel, eco-tourism is still in trend.

7. Express holiday

To rest, do not have somewhere to go. Take a few days off during the weekdays, just do not spend it on something useful. Go for a walk as you would in a strange city.

The familiar streets open with the other hand, when you walk on them in an unusual time, and a simple Breakfast on the terrace of the café, past which the citizens rush to work, able to give a very fresh impression.

8. Home gardening

To achieve a full crop on the windowsill for a month will not work, but green onions or herbs will have time to climb and grow. An easy and pleasant way to fit a vegetable of the summer in a month without tiring of weeding and cultivation.

9. Water treatment

Summer is swimming in open water. But if you can’t go to the lake or river, arrange a battle on the water gun or shoot each other with water bombs. The day, of course, it is better to choose solar.

10. Night walks

Remember how in his student years, summer nights, you were ready to go, because nowhere to hurry. Regain that sense of carefree and go wandering under the stars. Grab something warm and a thermos of tea in case of cold weather.

11. A visit to grandma’s

Vacation — summer, too, the impression of childhood. And though holidays are no more, a few days at grandma’s will give you a sense of security and maybe a few pounds of the number is reset to season.

12. Summer playlist

A set of songs that you associate with the heat — it’s summer, which is easy to return by simply inserting the headphones.

Can make a playlist in different ways. For example, to add tunes of every summer of his life and pitching from the player a time machine. Or choose songs that speak of heat, sea and hot asphalt.

13. Guest performance

In the summer the local theatres take a break till the new season, but you can buy tickets for the guest performance. This is a great opportunity to enrich themselves culturally in a situation when the element of holiday travel he arrives to you.

14. Weekend tour

For example, to get a vacation in August and leave you failed. But stay the weekend and settlements nearby. Go on a trip, and you find that worthy of attention objects can be found almost everywhere.

15. Photographic images

Even if you have no account in Instagram, take photos more often. Try to shoot landscapes, things that evoke an emotional response, itself, in the end.

September 1, you will review the photos and realize that summer was not wasted, even if it had fit just one month.

16. Therapy laziness

For a change take the short, stop doing what you need. And go back to what you actually want. Lying on the couch, read, play a computer game as if you do not have any obligations.

A little vacation from the “adult life” will help to reboot.

17. Summer shopping

Buy one, perhaps useless, but very old thing. A hat with a huge brim, sunglasses rimmed in a strange or crazy sneakers will remind you that summer is associated with fun.

18. Sightseeing tour of the city

In major cities, tourists are offered a tour of the city by bus. Somewhere to ride for a study possible and for river transport. To join the tour group can and local.

Take a look at your city through the eyes of his guests and at least for an hour plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday.

19. Walk barefoot on the grass

To remove tight city shoes — is already a holiday, and like the tired footsteps on the lush green grass — a double celebration. But it is better to avoid lawns that are chosen by dog owners.

20. Outdoor cinema

If in your city there are no open cinemas, upload the movie on the laptop and go to the Park or on the roof with a blanket and snacks. Well, if such screenings are the challenge is simplified.

Please note that the open-air cinemas can be arranged not only sophisticated citizens, but also administrations of areas. However, the repertoire in this case is appropriate. But a classic Soviet Comedy — not the worst option for a summer evening.

21. Cocktail party

Perhaps you imagined alcoholic cocktails at the party, but that’s a topic all year round. For a summer party choose a friend with a Sunny kitchen and gather around him a day to make milk, fruit, vegetable cocktails with lots of ice.

Experiment with the gifts of nature, and if the party will be delayed until dark, just add a splash of celery in a smoothie drink. However, the darkness don’t have to wait.

22. The sunrise

The sunrise could be part of a night walk, but better make it as a separate event. Early rise is not all pleasure, but for the sake of contemplating the first rays of the sun is to the alarm.

If summer is a small life, the dawn — a symbol of its origin. Well, and I can Pat myself on the back for heroism.

23. Game of the hotel

On time take prominent places in the apartment that indicates life and routine. Turn the housing in apartments with suitable color blanket and towels, and eat of his best dish and don’t forget to place flowers everywhere in vases.

Yes, and then have to get the life back out of mothballs. But the change images will help you to relax.

24. Games outdoors

Any game in the fresh air will give you a feeling of summer, but the leaders in this issue — Frisbee and badminton. Those who are alien to physical activity, you can go on rides.

25. Plans for the autumn

10 school for many years most of us are accustomed to, what calendar year begins on 1 January, but the year of new achievements from 1 September. So August is the time to think about what you’ll be doing in anticipation of next summer.

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