8 cases that should be run before eight in the morning

Properly organize your day to day asked.

Entrepreneur and blogger Benjamin hardy told how to plan the first morning hours to spend every day with meaning.

1. Prepare in the evening

Don’t do what causes stress. In stressful situations release the hormone cortisol, which will not let you sleep. Instead, do something relaxing, and remember simple rules:

  • Do not use the gadgets at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Put the phone in airplane mode.
  • Try not to think about work. Solutions often come to mind when you are relaxed.
  • Spend time with loved ones.
  • Create the right conditions for sleep.

2. Sleep more than seven hours

“Treat yourself as your smartphone: sleep until fully recharged”, says the founder of The Huffington Post Arianna Huffington.

According to research by Us national Foundation for sleep, when we sleep regularly, improve memory, resourcefulness and attention, decrease inflammation, stress and risk of depression, increases life expectancy.

If you get enough sleep and take care of your body, you do not need caffeine and other stimulants. For the most part we use them because of the work schedule from 8 to 17 hours, constant lack of sleep and addiction to technology.

3. Wake up when promised myself

Said American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, trust in oneself is the secret of success. And this confidence comes when you do what you promised.

The first promise of the morning — to rise or not to the planned time — send the entire day in positive or negative direction.

4. Immediately change the atmosphere

Go outside or at least out of the bedroom into another room. So you cheer up. A simple change of scenery energizes, because our brain loves new things.

5. Meditate and write down your goals

Morning is the ideal time to think about the desired future. At this time, your brain set to work. Do some meditation, and then visualize your goals. Use your imagination and imagine what you want to see my life.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination embraces the whole world.

Albert Einstein

When you visualize and write your goals, do it with feeling. Imagine that your dream has already come true. Try on the feeling. It will help you to act differently, making the future different from the past.

Write down your goals and deadline to achieve them, as well as the price you have to pay for them. As said billionaire Harold hunt, in order to achieve success, you need two things. First: decide exactly what you want. Most people never do. Second: determine the price you have to pay, and then determined the determination to do so.

6. Work out and listen to something useful

Train in the gym or simply go on foot. In this include audio books, podcasts or inspirational music. Movement will keep you alert, the brain will work better.

7. Eat foods good for the brain

  • Nuts and seeds. They have a lot of vitamin E, and it supports cognitive abilities.
  • Avocado. Contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which improve blood circulation. Besides, avocado helps to lower your blood pressure, which is also useful for brain health.
  • Beet. The contained antioxidants help protect against cancer, and nitrates improve cerebral circulation.
  • Blueberries. It’s full of antioxidants, vitamins C and K, fiber. Due to the high content of Gallic acid in blueberries protects the brain from stress and destruction.
  • Bone broth. It’s the best dish in order to normalize the bowel. It contained large quantities of collagen, reduces inflammation, and useful amino acids support immunity and improve memory.
  • Coconut oil. Suppresses inflammatory processes, supports memory and fight harmful bacteria in the gut.
  • Turmeric. Improves cerebral oxygen consumption. You will think clearly and to better process information.

8. Make important work or a complicated case

As said mark TWAIN, if you eat in the morning live frog, during the day you will not happen anything worse. Make complex thing, while others are RUB eyes.

If you want to be successful, do something for this. Success, like wealth, cannot be earned — it should be created. Enable creative spirit and get to work.


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