8 discovery last year that will transform your understanding of your own body (Spoiler: the person found a new body)

2020 starts with the good news in medicine: found immune cells that can be used to destroy several types of cancer. While healthy tissue remains intact. Scientists believe the discovery may help in the treatment of all cancers.

We AdMe.ru admire how rapidly evolving medical science, and believe that very soon humanity will be able to defeat a terrible disease. In proof of this we give you 8 really cool discovery that was made by scientists studying the human body.

1. Human capabilities are not limitless

Human endurance has a limit. It depends on the speed of metabolism. To such conclusions of scientists by measuring daily calorie consumption in athletes who ran 6 marathons in a week for 5 months as part of race Across the USA.

Scholars interested in how fast the power consumption can sustain the human body in the long run. It turned out that in 2,5 times more than at rest. This fatigue limit can not be overcome even the marathon runner. And at last, the limit is slightly higher than the same rate in women who expect a child. Expectant mother consumes energy is 2.2 times faster than the average person at rest.

2. But it seems that the limitless possibilities of the brain

Remember the movie “Field of darkness”? His story built on the myth that people do not use their brain to 100 %. In many popular scientific articles have refuted this myth, but scientists at the University of California are inclined to believe that the truth in it.

The researchers studied 6 people aged 20 to 30 years, which in childhood have removed a significant portion of the brain. And found that their gray matter as active as those who had not undergone amputation. And sometimes the number of neural connections in people with one hemisphere above the norm.

3. The person found a new body

Scientists from Sweden have discovered a new organ, by which man feels the injections and shock. It is in the skin and is composed of glial cells with many long protrusions. Its activation creates electrical impulses in the nervous system that lead to reflex responses and pain. In the experiment, the researchers blocked the body and saw a decrease in the ability to feel mechanical pain.

4. Some people can navigate by the Earth’s magnetic field

Many animals, such as deer and doves, have a kind of compass in the head, which helps them to navigate in space by the magnetic field of the Earth. This ability is called magnetoreception. Scientists from California found that people have this skill can also be found.

They locked 34 volunteers in a dark room is Soundproofed and has worked on the subjects of artificial magnetic fields, and with it recorded the brain activity. 4 people were recorded a strong reaction, but only when the source is moving counterclockwise, as is the case in the Northern hemisphere. The people felt nothing.

5. The contents of the intestine can slow down old age

The microorganisms living in the gut can affect the aging process. To such conclusions scientists came to Singapore, transplanted bacteria old young mice whose intestinal microflora has not yet developed. After 8 weeks in young mice have increased intestinal growth and development of neurons in the brain.

The increased neurogenesis was associated with enrichment of intestinal microbes that produce specific short chain fatty acid called butyrate. Butyrate stimulates the production of the hormone FGF21, which plays an important role in energy regulation and metabolism in the body. Now scientists intend to test his discovery on humans. If it checks out, then the old age can be delayed with the help of bacteria and theoretically, even with food.

6. Found cells that could treat heart

When injured any body, he comes to the aid of the internal cells, which are located in the body and blood cells — leukocytes. But not long ago, scientists found another type of cell. They are contained in the liquid bag that surrounds the body. A few years ago such cells were found in the bags next to the abdominal organs, and in 2019, canadian researchers found them in the pericardium, close to the heart. Thus, researchers have discovered a new path to cardiology.

7. Smoking fathers can be more dangerous for baby than non-Smoking mothers

It turns out that Smoking fathers brings no less harm to children’s health than Smoking mothers. Chinese scientists have found that in families where fathers are abusing tobacco, the risk of having a child with a heart defect is higher by 74% in comparison with families where no one smoked. At the same time at the Smoking mothers the risk of having a child with a heart defect are higher only by 25% than that of Smoking. This may be due to the fact that many pregnant women do not pay enough attention to the exposure to tobacco smoke in the environment. Now that you have this information, you can prevent the risk to future offspring.

8. Man is able to regenerate

Scientists from Duke University found that people, like the Salamander, can restore some of the fabric. We are talking about cartilage. This function is faster only works in the ankle joints, slower — in knee and worse in the hip. By the way, the update mechanism of our cartilage in humans answer the same microRNAs, and lizards. The researchers believe that their discovery will help in the treatment of arthritis.

Which of these discoveries do you think was the most significant and useful?


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