8 harmless habits that give a person who grew up in poverty

Researchers from new York studied the brain more than 100 children who were born in families with different income levels. They found that children from a not particularly wealthy families have a 6 percent less volume than the offspring of the rich. However, poverty changes not only our physiology but also behaviour.

We AdMe.ru learned some habits that distinguish people who grew up in poor families, and reinforced the theoretical information life stories. At the end of the article you will find double bonus.

1. Spend money on those things that could not buy

The desire of parents to save every penny to have enough money until your next paycheck, inevitably affects their child. As an adult, he will likely start to waste buying those things that it is absolutely not necessary. But these things by ear, buy them all; moreover, according to common belief, they must be any person who considers that his business is booming.

Here can be safely attributed the situation with iPhones is already hackneyed. And also with Apple Watch and Airpods for which people get into debt and take out loans. But in the society the owners of these gadgets look very presentable.

2. Paradoxically, it is a pity to spend money on themselves

The same people want to waste money on something that they really want to have. They come into the store, see a thing that they like, and you catch yourself thinking that it’s “too expensive”. In the end, leave the store empty handed and with a feeling of total helplessness. A similar situation exists with basic necessities, from food and ending with the repair of the apartment.

  • When you have to throw away food or some other things, I feel terribly ashamed. I try to eat everything in the fridge, if only it spoiled. Shake out the last drop from the bottle of shampoo. I’ve even worn socks or crumbling to pieces the clothes do not throw, though and trying to fight it. © unknown author / reddit
  • I lived without a couch for a year in the new house. Just because I couldn’t bring myself to pay for it. I have no problem with purchasing something if it costs less ₽ 1 500. But if the price is higher then I fall into a stupor and can’t decide on a purchase. © OtillyAdelia / reddit
  • Refuse to pay someone for something I can do myself. Or if you can learn to do this. For example, a car repair, furniture and even houses. © dyk3j3sus / reddit

Absolutely opposite situation is observed when you need to buy a gift to someone close to you. People who grew up in poverty, are willing to literally spend the last ruble, if only to buy a pricey gift which you will not be ashamed.

3. They are risk-averse and generally behave more impulsively

It is believed that growing up in poverty are often at risk because they have nothing to lose. Due to very risky behavior sometimes they manage to increase their incomes because they invest in do not untwist enterprises and projects that are afraid to invest more.

4. These people love to eat and are ashamed to throw away food

Growing up in low-income families, as a rule, do not to have access to high quality food, and often to ordinary chocolates. Because of this, in adulthood, you may receive the desire to eat everything that is in range.

This theory was proposed by scientists and proved it by experiment. It involved several dozen women. Half of them had poor parents, and the remaining half was lucky to be born in wealthy families. All the ladies offered to drink a bottle of high-calorie soda, after which they were given lunch. It turned out that, despite the absence of hunger, ate everything cleaned those subjects who were born in poor families.

  • I eat all the food in the fridge, so she is not spoiled, because I’m scared to throw it away. When I was a kid, I rarely managed to eat to satiety. © tc88 / reddit
  • Can’t let food go bad. If you see that vegetables and fruits already on its last legs, then I will dried them to eat later. © auamethys / reddit
  • I feel terrible when I see my guy throws the sauces in batches that ended. Hell, give me the bag — I squeeze out of him a couple of spoons! © jnseel / reddit

5. Tend to pay, just to feel comfortable

If the parents were too frugal and literally counted every rouble spent in the future their child, then you probably have an aversion to financial planning. He will be ready to overpay, but would not feel uncomfortable. The most stressful situation for him — the need to think about what you need to save.

  • I have a good salary and I can afford to spend as much as is spent. For example, I have no cash for the bus. Yes, and I hate buses. I’ll call a cab, because you can do it. Because I don’t want to waste a second of my life thinking about how to save an extra penny, as did my mother. © Rick Morton / One Hundred Years of Dirt

6. Spending money as soon as they come at the expense of

A large sum of money in the hands of a man who grew up in poverty is nonsense. If he receives money, he reflexively spends it immediately, because he’s afraid that they somehow will disappear. Many curious cases is the matter with these people, if they win, for example, the lottery. You probably at least once in my life seen articles in the media about how a “mechanic mugs won a couple of millions and squandered them for a couple of months.”

  • When I started to earn money, I could not plan the budget. Exactly. I got paid and immediately lowered it to something. Simply because could afford them. In the first years of its independence, I almost did not save. Fortunately, now I opened a savings account and every month put it on a percentage of salary. But still feel the urge to buy unnecessary things from time to time. Basically all sorts of cosmetic things. © NeckForDays / reddit

7. If such people offer something for free, they will burn with shame

Any topic money can cause shame, but especially when it comes to something free. Or considerable discounts. For example, a corporate lunch or corporate gym membership will be or not acceptable, or accepted with a sense of wild hesitation.

If a person grew up in a family with low income, it is a shame to encroach on free. He would prefer to pay for a product or service because it can do it. Even if it is not completely necessary, say a little something at the checkout that you are trying to sell the cashier.

  • I donate money to charity even if you don’t have to do it. For example, if the cashier at the store asks me if I want to donate some money to someone, I’ll give him the money, even if my wallet won’t ₽ 300. I’m working to get rid of this habit, but so far in vain. © _fightme / reddit

8. They are afraid to connect the automatic payment, and pay loans on the last day

In the future these people have a fear of automatic payments. Unfortunately, the scientific evidence that there. However, on Reddit there was a thread where users asked people who grew up in poor families, to talk about their habits which they want, but can’t fight. Many noted that automatic payments bring them into a state of stress.

  • I can’t sign up for automatic payment for something. Although it would be very comfortable, because I wouldn’t have every month to remove part of the salary. But in my head literally the voice: “what if the money is needed for something more important? In the end, you can pay the bill for electricity for 60 days, so why do it before?” This tiny fear remains with me to this day. © KnittinAndBitchin / reddit

Bonus # 1: People who consider themselves poor, grow old before our time

In 2010, scientists conducted an experiment: they tested the mental abilities of young people. It turned out that the longer man lived in conditions of financial difficulty, the slower he was thinking. It is curious that the subjects who have money enough, but they thought that few of them also showed poor results on tests. The researchers believe that it leads to premature aging.

In addition, aging in this case due to lack of funds for the medical treatment and food, which can not affect the health and appearance.

Bonus # 2: unfortunately, even if many years have passed and people are already financially secure, he is unlikely to forget some of the moments from my childhood

  • Remember playing with the guys in the yard and we were near my house. Someone asked me to bring toilet paper. But we had, we used the Newspapers, and I hesitated. Then this girl shouted, “Yes you che, toilet paper do not use?!” And everyone started to laugh at me. And I still shudder to recall. © Gofessor / pikabu

  • Until 2004, the whole family lived in the village with my grandmother. Dinner was either pasta with onions and carrots, or potatoes (fried, boiled, stewed). For the holidays my mom brought a whole herring and pair of drumsticks — it was really a holiday. Things are silent, still remember how I was ashamed of new classmates for his appearance after moving to the city. © foxirenna / pikabu

  • We have all lived a wealthy life, but I still remember how my friends were bragging about the new dolls. I still remember, like clothes and toys were found in garbage bins. Literally. Here such things in my wardrobe were many. Like many years passed, but still I am not able to buy what I like. Take the cheaper, more modest, more practical. Save where to do. Choose clothing do not know how. And yet they are afraid to have their children. © TutLogin / pikabu

What are the habits of people who grew up in poverty, had to notice you?


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