9 details of the appearance, which can spoil the impression about us in a split second

People do 3 universal output about each other when looking at the person: how the person is dominant, reliable and beautiful. It takes less than a second. And although the first impression can be wrong, sometimes it’s the only thing we have: the interview, a first date, when meeting with the relatives of the second half. Better to be ready for the meeting in full.

AdMe.ru worked with research results on how first impression is formed and what stereotypes affect the perception of us foreign appearance.


“Meet on clothes” is a stereotype confirmed by experiment. Thus, in one study, scientists tried to establish what kind of impression we have formed about the person depending on what he’s wearing.

The experimenters tested the 2 specific brand Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger. It turned out that the logo of the brand in the premium segment immediately raises the status of the one wearing this thing. People believe such a person is by default rich. The cost of clothing had no effect on the perception of attractiveness, kindness, not formed to the person of trust. But people evaluated the level of possible earnings much higher, making conclusions only on the presence of the logo.


Baby facial features add to the appearance of a person attractive and sustainable. Intuitively it seems to us that the holder of a type face called “baby face” there are children’s traits: honesty, warmth, naivety. Such a person wants to protect and maintain. This is partly why people with the “baby face” often justify in court, they are less likely to press charges.

The response to infant and adult man with baby-face features in the brain will be identical. When it comes to career development, where required leadership, charisma, representatives of the image of “baby face” can lose, because the are perceived as more submissive.


In the course of the research, the scientists found that women with tattoos are perceived by others as more frivolous. Respondents thought that ladies with tattoos tend to change partners as gloves and like to drink in the evenings, and the more images you have on your body, the stronger was this effect.

According to another study, men are more willing to come to meet women who had a tattoo (the pilot was made a temporary tattoo). In cases when a tattoo and have no desire to acquire a fan, it would be better to cover it with clothes.

Another experiment revealed that the tattoos create an image of an adventurer, a man with great experience, a thrill. This is the truth, because the new tattoo will greatly reduce anxiety and increase satisfaction with the appearance of their owners.


Others think that people who tend to look away during a conversation, less sincere, and prone to introduce others astray. Even if it really is a manifestation of shyness, you should pay attention to what moments we move away from the gaze of the interlocutor. We observe ourselves from the outside, but can ask another person to evaluate if he felt comfortable.

Interestingly, face-to-face generally increases the quality of our lives. In one experiment, investigators tried to prove that Internet communication also has a positive effect on us, just as meeting in reality. However, it turned out that it is not. Eye contact is extremely important.


In the course of the experiment revealed that women are hypersensitive to other people’s hair. Color, length, density, thickness, type of cut and other features are the bearer of important information for a female companion. It is judged about our age and even the condition.

  • Straight hair make us visually younger than 5 years, curls — “add” a few years.
  • Haircut cascade and curls, similar to the result of perms, old. In addition, the cascade creates the impression that the winner of this hairstyle is health problems.
  • Long hair though and add femininity, but to a lesser degree associated with professionalism and confidence than short hair.

Agree with such results of the experiment are scientists or not — a private matter, but an excuse to try interesting new haircut or hair color very well.

Hair color

Hair color affects our attractiveness to the opposite sex, on the perception of us as specialists, potential employees. This account is quite a lot of research, we found some of them.

  • Cool shades of hair aging your owner warm, in contrast, allow you to look in the eyes of others younger.
  • The owner of bright hair shades evoke more sympathy and desire to help them. Brunettes give the impression of a well-earning, talented women.
  • Redhead men received more refusals while trying to meet.

In General, the biases on the relationship of hair color and ability level, the nature of man so strong that border on racial discrimination.

Makeup and smile

The results of research saying that girls with makeup look in the eyes of others younger in average for 4 years, and first impression of them is better at 37 %. In this case too pronounced makeup is perceived negatively, like his absence, and light make-up, by contrast, received the most positive evaluation. Women with lots of makeup, among other things, worse learn, because these facial features are not too noticeable.

The smile is remembered more than clothing or perfume. 48% of people will remember as the source smiled at them, and this will form a first impression. Additionally, smile creates an image of a selfless and attractive person.

Demeanor dialogue

People think that if they are active and bright, share cool stories about yourself, this will help to create a good impression. In fact, as found by scientists from Harvard, sympathy cause those who ask, not those who pull the blanket in talking to himself. These data were obtained in the course of 3 studies. People who asked more questions during conversation, leaving the impression of a more responsive, attentive, understanding and caring companion.

Focus on how we look from the outside, hurting not only the fact that the focus shifts from the needs of the partner for us. As researchers found, people are so caught up in thoughts about what to say and do that often just don’t notice the sympathy towards themselves.


Grooming and neatness are also affect the first impression about us. So you should pay attention to the little things that we usually do not attach importance to: the state of the eyebrows, the hair, specifically for men s beards and haircuts. After all, with the same length of beard may look like a well-groomed and sloppy. If your hair is dyed, it is worth to pay attention to them, for example when they have lost a shade or roots visibly growing back.

Psychology Professor Vivian Zayas and her colleagues have discovered that the feeling experienced after viewing a photo of a man, leaves an indelible mark. Even after talking to live people tend to behave in accordance with the image they have formed. Therefore, photos for social networks, portfolio, resume should choose very carefully.

What stereotypes about appearance you’re experiencing?


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