9 external changes of the body that should not be ignored

Unfounded mistrust can ruin the lives of anyone. But what if the background of some harmless symptoms you also ignore and more serious, which indicates a certain disease? Such changes should know in time to notice something was wrong and visit a doctor.

We AdMe.ru decided to tell what signals the body’s certainly worth paying attention to.

Dry and chapped lips

The discharge of dry skin flakes — a clear sign of allergies: in this case, you should look at used for cosmetics, hygiene of the mouth, consumed products, and even drugs. Zaedy and cracks in the corners of his mouth talking about the deficit of vitamins B, A and E. for dry eyes, mouth and problems with the digestive system need to see a doctor, as this can be a combination of symptoms characteristic of one of the autoimmune diseases — Sjogren’s syndrome.

The loss of eyebrows

Thick sable eyebrows are not only modern trend but also one of the indicators of your state of health. Periodic small drops — this is normal. But if you noticed the abundant loss of hair, bald on top and even almost complete disappearance, immediately contact your physician: this may be related to both excessive and insufficient activity of the thyroid gland.

Dystrophy of the nails on the hands

We all know how healthy nails look. Any change in their color and structure is alarming. Thin and pale nails can be a sign of anemia and iron deficiency; yellow indicates a disorder of the liver and digestive tract or signals defeat by a fungus; white spots and stripes — lack of zinc, copper and iodine; excessive brittleness is manifested due to the lack of vitamins, calcium, iron and beta-carotene.

Pale lips with a bright outline

Variations are talking about different ailments. If it swells red border of the lower lip and also tiny bubbles appear, most likely, you have an increased sensitivity to UV light should reduce the effects of sun exposure by using sunscreen cosmetics. Affected the middle part of the border? This vegetarian. An important part of treatment, besides anti-inflammatory ointments, will receive a sedative. Severe swelling and redness of the whole circuit are indicative for an allergic reaction: you should look at their cosmetics and toothpaste, and visit an allergist.

Red face

If we exclude natural physiological changes (temperature changes, massage) or redness on the background of alcohol consumption, that is, 3 the most common causes: in women after 40 this is due to the decrease in the level of hormones and approaching menopause. Also red face may indicate the presence of infections that cause demodicosis. Partial redness coupled with sudden attacks of dizziness may indicate pressure jumps, to establish the level of which will help special preparations.

Dry heels

The skin on the feet dries and coarsens because of a lack of vitamins A and E. it can be a manifestation of a fungal disease which affects the total condition of the epidermis, which usually, also confirmed multiple fractures and yellowing of the nail plate. If dryness and roughness do not pass even with proper care and sufficient intake of vitamins, it can be one of the signs of disorders in the endocrine system.

Dry skin hand and body

In the cold season dry skin is the norm, but in such cases, the effective use of the cream, a generous intake of water and vitamins. If in your case these techniques don’t help, you may want to visit a dermatologist, as dry skin is also one of the most common signs of diabetes and hypothyroidism. In addition, if the skin is not just peeling, but shrinks and cracks, this may be a dermatitis arising from natural skin reaction to chemical effects.

Deformity of the foot

The offset bend of the foot inward and change the shape of the foot, which is characterized by the omission of the longitudinal or transverse arch usually indicates flat feet. According to statistics, the cross flatfoot in combination with other deformations are more common than longitudinal, it especially affects women. The reason is that when walking on the heels is uneven distribution of load and most of it falls exactly on the area of the transverse arch. When the latter does not stand up, be unpleasant and painful drawing sensations, signifying the beginning of deformation.

White spots on teeth

Fluorosis is a chronic disease, develops either before the eruption of the teeth, or after (when used in a large amount of water or products with high content of fluorine compounds). There are mild, moderate and severe forms of fluorosis, as well as several types: dashed, speckled, malovydne-speckled, erosive and destructive. The first three types are different visual representations (for example in the form of spots, as in the photo), and the last two are heavy when there is a loss of tissues of the teeth, their fracture.

As you can see, individually, each of these symptoms is not cause for great concern and putting a serious diagnosis. It is important to evaluate their condition objectively and pay attention to additional changes in appearance and health. But the main thing — do not neglect the treatment to the experts: only they can give accurate answers to your questions and make an appropriate treatment plan.


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