9 inappropriate questions too dangerous to ask voice assistant Siri

Specialists in UNESCO is concerned: according to them, in a few years you’ll be talking to Siri more often than with family. Communication with people regulate the rules of etiquette, but what to do with voice assistants, is not very clear. After all, there are phrases that artificial intelligence could misunderstand and put you in an awkward position.

AdMe.ru understand the difficulties that arise for users of voice assistants. And all in order to enable you to extract maximum benefit from modern Apple gadgets.

1. Siri doesn’t understand jokes and can use personal information against you

Voice assistant even in jest you cannot ask questions like “where to hide the body?” or “how to Rob a Bank?”. This rule came after the incident in 2011, when the killer decided to consult with Siri, how to hide traces of crime, and the helpful artificial intelligence (hereinafter — AI, approx. AdMe.ru) suggested options. Thanks to the data that is stored on the Apple server, the perpetrator is quickly found.

In the case of Siri anything you say can be used against you: the system doesn’t understand black humor. Your health status, savings in a Bank account or family problems must remain a secret even to your phone. Requests of a personal nature should be made in the “incognito”mode.

2. Do not ask to call an ambulance

Siri does not recognize the intonation of his master and understands some requests too literally. For example, the request: “Call me an ambulance” (“Call an ambulance”) — voice assistant reacts inadequately. English Siri can interpret this sentence as “Call me Ambulance” and will continue to call you an Ambulance.

If it comes to calling emergency services dictate the assistant’s phone number in order not to lose precious time.

3. The usual hyphen can bring the phone down for a few minutes

At Kaspersky lab found a funny bug voice assistant: “If 5 times to say “hyphen” using speech input, your iPhone close all apps in emergency mode”.

In the network there were rumors that this trick can erase all data stored on the phone. However, this turned out to be wrong.

4. The program can mix up the words and put you in an awkward position

A couple of years ago the owner of a cyber cafe from Toronto complained that his institution began to receive mysterious phone calls. And all because of the fact that Siri has confused the English word “eSports” (eng. eSport) and “escort” (eng. escort).

The businessman got tons of questions about Dating girls. Siri can get confused if the request is ambiguous, and guide you down the wrong path.

5. Siri is a bad adviser when it comes to plants and mushrooms

Siri is not a Botanical reference guide and could not with 100% success to identify mushrooms, berries or plants. If you’re a fan of “quiet hunt” and I doubt poisonous if a mushroom do not dare to ask the voice assistant. Otherwise you can forfeit your own health.

6. In some places too dangerous to ask even the most innocent questions

Don’t ask no questions Siri (and any other voice assistant) in unfamiliar places or when the accumulation of large masses of the people. Chinese scientists have invented a method to command Siri without saying a word.

Microphones modern devices can hear ultrasound, but people don’t. So with the help of high frequency sound commands villains can order your phone while you busy with their own Affairs. However, such “magic” is only effective at a distance of 1.5 m from the device.

7. Don’t ask Siri to fully charge the phone

In response to request: “Siri, charge my phone to 100 %” — voice assistant starts to call emergency services. The fact that in many countries, a number of police and ambulance contain variations with the number 100. Siri takes the request as potentially dangerous and starts to call the emergency services.

Fortunately, the program provides 5-second delay, emergency call and cancel.

8. Voice assistant ignores issues of women’s inequality, for one simple reason

Siri is impossible to find out, good or bad feminism and other women’s flow like #MeToo. The developers of the program specifically rewrote the algorithms to the assistant gave a neutral response: “I believe in the universal equality”.

In the Apple questions about gender and value judgments consider the potentially controversial content. And, not to offend anyone, Siri will send you to the search engine.

9. Siri records your conversations and sends them to a special database

Until the summer of 2019, the subcontractors Apple listened to recordings made through Siri. Apple record and transmit to third parties the files from the personal conversations of people. According to the company, analysis of the records needs to improve Siri. Users no one, of course, the consent was not asked.

This fall we will have a system update, and now recording your privacy Apple will ask permission. We do not encourage you to become paranoid, and it is unlikely that the company somehow use against you the information. However, in contrast to the same Google or Amazon, which provide information about what they have recorded about you in the Apple such data hiding.

If you value privacy, then turn off Siri and geolocation. However, Apple does not guarantee, that in this case all apps will work as intended.

Bonus: the woman who gave her voice to Siri

Actress and singer Susan Bennett has voiced the first version of Siri. From 2011 to 2013, Susan said to the recorder of the thousands of phrases that are then heard by millions of people. MS Bennett — the veteran voice: her voice was “talking” ATMs, GPS trackers and various computer systems.

As you know, the world is divided into 2 groups: fans of the operating systems iOS and Android. Tell us which group you belong to? Maybe being the owner of an iPhone, you already tried to ask one of the forbidden questions and tell us what happened?


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