Accused in the death of the grandson of judge Olzhas Suleimenov in Astana

In the Metropolitan court No. 2 Esil district began legal proceedings against the daughter of the head of DIA of Kyzylorda region, who is accused of committing the deadly crash. In the result the PTA has killed the grandson of Olzhas Suleimenov, reports NUR.KZ.

Collage: NUR.KZ. Screenshots:

The accident, which killed Iskander Suleimenov, occurred on the Avenue Mangilik Ate. The deceased grandson of the writer was 26 years old.

The time of the accident caught on surveillance camera. A roller attached to the materials of the criminal case. 29-year-old avtoledi, which remained at the scene of the accident, a criminal case was initiated.

Later, the video, the footage of which was captured the moment of collision, the police presented in the media.

25 Jul Iskander buried. A memorial service was attended not only by friends and family of the grandson of the writer, but also high-ranking officials and figures of culture and art.

After parting with the young man, his friend the story about what was Iskander and what are the plans for the future.

The bride is the grandson of the writer said that in the day of the death corresponded with Iskander, but he suddenly stopped reading her posts. On the death of her lover, she learned from friends.

The investigation revealed that the girl accused in the deadly crash is the daughter of the chief of DIA of Kyzylorda region.


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