adidas by Stella McСartney thins old clothes to make new things

New processing technology allows to preserve the properties of cotton

adidas and Stella McCartney have released a limited edition collection of sweatshirts made with the use of technology NuCycl. For the first time in history to create clothing used raw material obtained by the liquefaction of old products.

Cotton processing has long been used in ecological production. However, until this process was purely mechanical – the fibers are crushed, resulting in deterioration of the material properties. New method turns textiles into pulp, then into a liquid mass, from which, on a press, similar to a 3D printer, made a new cloth.

Collection adidas by Stella McСartney made using innovative technology that uses a sophisticated jacquard weave – this proves that the properties of treated cotton is not worse than the primary material.

Experts remind that mankind emits about 92 million tons of textiles annually, and in 10 years this value may increase by 60%.

This year, adidas unveiled running shoes that can be recycled 100%. The more we talked about this here.


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Adidas by Stella McCartney



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