“All covered with blood, the shakes”: ex-boyfriend anel Arinova threatened to kill her on the graves

11 Oct, international day of the girl child “the League of women creative initiative” staged a brunch dedicated to the grim topic of violence and sex harassment. Member of the starting lineup of the group “Keshyou” anel arinova told about the abuse by a former lover, reports the program “review” on the TV channel NTK.

Anel Arinova. Photo: Instagram

Moral and physical violence is a current problem with which, as it turned out, and faced the beautiful women of show business.

The ex-soloist of the group Keshyou anel arinova knows this firsthand. According to the woman, her former young man after a quarrel happened real anger issues.

“He, like a sheep, stuffed me into a car and driven to the grave. Where it says: “bitch, now I will kill you”… I almost start to kiss his feet, to be home. My dad comes and sees me all covered with blood, unable to speak and the shakes,” says anel.

Today she regrets that once took his statement from the police. Since the topic of violence was familiar to her and close, she put forward their proposals how to deal with this problem, radical methods.

For example, “mark” such a person “stamped on their foreheads.” By the way, the other star of the representatives of the more humane views on the matter.

“I’m for castration and branding,” said anel.

Recall, Asel Sagatov, Aisha and Potassium were against early marriages.

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