As the dream of future projects prevent us from moving forward and what to do with them

Give up perfectionism and childhood fantasies to break free from the ideological debt.

According to Jessica, the ideological debt occurs when you take too long imagined how will your project. You dreamed about how to be cool and popular and how much you will earn. And, moreover, too little time is given to work on this project. For example:

  • You told all your friends about the scenario that you want to write, but any hour not spent working on it.
  • You bought the domain several weeks or even months learning how to build a website, but have not installed WordPress.
  • You have a whole box of unfinished stories and a regular “Write” in the list of cases.
  • You have read 15 guides on blogging, jotted down a dozen drafts of posts, but not published any.

“Here you have a dream, idea, and years, can you imagine how it would be cool, says author of graphic novels Kibuishi Kazu (Kazu Kibuishi). — But the truth is that whatever you do, reality will never compare to that of your imagination. To what extent, you are dooming yourself to disappointment.”

As a child you imagined what would become a famous writer, who published a series of forty volumes. But at the time you do not have skills to operate. Year after year you put in your idea more and more mental strength. And growing up, was under the yoke of this ideological debt. This happens quite often when you have a great creative idea, but no real plan for its implementation.

Don’t hesitate too long. Otherwise, you’d latch on to the complexity and importance of the project and will not budge.

Forget about perfectionism

Many stops perfectionism. It seems that experience is not enough and need to stop. But you know what? If you do not take up the matter with the skills that you have, you will never make more than that. Accept the shortcomings in their work and continue to move forward. With time you will overcome the gap between a present and a future which will be able to realize the project of your dreams.

According to producer and radio host Ira glass (Ira Glass), people begin to engage in creative work because of the good taste. Due to the results of the first several years are usually upset. Between what you want to do and what happens in the end remains a big gap. Many get stuck at this stage and they quit.

If you just started to do something, remember — this is normal. The most important thing you can do right now is a lot of work. Set yourself a deadline. For example, to finish one story every week or every month. The only way you will overcome this gap, and your work will be not worse than your ambitions.

Get it out of your projects that you no longer fit

Life does not stand still. You grow and change. And you will not be able to do something new and important, while clinging to an old idea. Try to look at it from the side. Consider whether you still want to do this project.

If you do not get rid of the old ideas, they will always Rob you of power. Many projects, for years hanging in the list of “to Do someday” came the old version of you but not you now. Get rid of them. And you will have more energy to work important to you in the present.


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