Astrobiologist showed how the food looks at -70 °C (Spoiler: Yes it is already impossible)

Verso Cyprien (Cyprien Verseux) — astrobiologist working at the research station Concordia in Antarctica. He maintains a blog about life in such extreme conditions, but also shares in Twitter photos of their everyday work. His photographs demonstrate how changing the usual food when the temperature drops to -70 °C.

We we believe that Cyprien came up with a great idea: one thing to know that Antarctica is very cold, and quite another — to see what the climate turns familiar things. Ready to be surprised?

Cheese raclette did not stay molten

The noodles are now one with the fork

Spread the bread with honey, too, will fail

Eggs do not even have time to fall to the pan

But they make an interesting composition on the background of the station

I bet the bun with Nutella, it is possible to hammer in a nail?

That’s what happens if you pour from a thermos of boiling water

But the author of the photos

Of course, Cyprian photographs not only food

Bonus: a special dinner in honor of the cosmonautics Day on the Concordia. Yes, it’s Yuri Gagarin!

What do you think is still worth to photograph Cyprien?


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