Atlético has accused Barcelona and Griezmann in contempt

The leadership of Madrid “Atletico” accused his attacker Antoine Griezmann and Catalan “Barcelona” in contempt. The position of the club published on its website.

They believe that Barcelona had violated the protected periods of negotiations with the players by discussing details of a personal contract Griezmann in the course of the season. In this regard, Atletico refused to provide Catalans the deferred payment for the transfer of the player, and the striker asked to come to training camp.

“This press release “Atletico” wants to Express its strong aversion to the behavior of both sides, especially Barcelona, for the fact that the club induced the player to break a contractual relationship with Atletico during the season,” reads a statement by real Madrid.

On 28 June it was reported that Barcelona have agreed to buy Griezmann for € 120 million. Then atlético had not objected to the division of the payoff for player in several tranches.

Griezmann — Vice-European champion and world champion in the national team of France. The footballer plays for Atletico Madrid in 2014. During this time, the Frenchman spent 180 matches and scored 94 goals.


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