Bella Hadid gave examples of racism in fashion

The model told about the cases faced in the backstage

Bella Hadid called for an end to racism in the fashion industry. In an interview with us Elle magazine model named some of the manifestations of discrimination on racial grounds, which she had seen.

According to Bella, her dark-skinned girlfriend from the modeling environment are often faced with racism.

“The new season starts, and I’m afraid I’ll see another one of my dark-skinned friend burn the hair Ironing, or she had to do makeup because the makeup artist was not taught to work with different skin types,” complained the model.

As noted by Bella Hadid, even while at the forefront of the shows dark-skinned people don’t feel accepted: “it is Supposed that the fashion is based on expression and individuality, but the reality is that many still judge people by the color of their skin.”

The model said it would use its influence to achieve justice. “To be a compassionate and soft good, but good at the same time to show strength and defend their truth.”

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