Brand Hood by Air is waiting for restart

Shane Oliver is planning to actively support charities and help new talents

Designer Shane Oliver announced the relaunch of the brand Hood by Air, which in 2014 earned him a special prize for the LVMH Prize. In 2017, the activities of the brand was suspended, so the founders could focus on other projects.

“Thirteen years ago, Hood by Air was born through creative ideas of young black people who worked at the highest level. It was modern, because no one else had. Hood by Air exists to allow the risk to be at the forefront,” said Oliver.

For the first collection Shane will unite with the British UpRising project, which focuses on youth leadership. Together they will release a t-shirt. He also will design a card service Cash App. The proceeds from both the collaborations will be donated to three charitable organizations — Black Trans Femmes in the Arts, Emergency Release Fund and Gays & Lesbians Living In A Transgender Society.

The updated brand will consist of four divisions — Hood by Air, HBA, Museum and Anonymous Club. Team the Hood by Air will be responsible for a range of seasonal themes and directly collections, HBA will become a platform for communication with customers, in the “Museum” will contain the archives, but the Club will deal with the cooperation with young talents.



Hood by Air


Shane Oliver

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