What products slow down the aging process and how it works

The body of any person is aging. Partially this process is called oxidative stress, in which cells are damaged and over time, these cells become more and more. Scientists from the University of Erlangen — Nuremberg, which is located in Germany, and their colleagues from the US found out which foods help slow the aging […]

We learned which genes are passed to children from dad and some from mom

If you hear a statement like “You’re / all in the mother”, then you know that this is a false statement. In fact, we (especially women) are more like their fathers, not mothers. In addition, there is an assumption that the lifestyle of the father before conception of the child, nutrition and health, lay the […]

20+ animals and plants, which look like a freak of nature

Albinism — congenital deficiency of the pigment melanin, which is manifested by lack of skin coloring, hair, hair, rainbow and pigment shells eyes. Among people for every 20 thousand births have 1 albino. And in Africa South of the Sahara they are born much more often. Interestingly, albinism occurs in animals and plants. In the […]

10 things that are hard to find a logical explanation. But it is

Every day Google’s search engine handles about 5.5 billion different queries from its users. In 2012 this figure was almost halved. People always learn something, learn something new and expand your horizons. But sometimes even the most mundane questions can lead us to confusion: for example, why the base is called the yellow press and […]

13 animals you’ve never seen under x-ray

The staff of the Oregon zoo annual medical examination of all pupils. In addition to other necessary procedures and studies animals making x-rays. Recently in the official Twitter of the zoo there are several such x-rays. They are forced to look at the animals familiar to us from the other side. AdMe.ru offers you to […]