13 important facts about the spirits who are hiding perfumers

“The spirits say about the woman more than her handwriting” — says fashion designer Christian Dior. The fragrance has long become an invisible weapon of mass seduction and luxury has become a mandatory attribute of a lady’s toilet. According to statistics, 3 out of 4 women around the world use daily perfume. AdMe.ru decided to […]

6 children’s inventions, without which humanity will not be able to do

To do good and change the world for the better at any age. 15-year-old albert Sadacca forever changed for us in the New year and Christmas. A 6-year-old Robert Patch invented a prototype toy transformer. To become a genius inventor, not necessarily to have a higher education diploma. Simply believe in yourself, for a moment […]

9 subtle techniques that will help to win over people, even against their will

We all strive to achieve goals. However, our methods can vary greatly: some go ahead, while others prefer to act more delicately, using simple psychological techniques, which help to gain even a stranger. By the way, diplomats, politicians, designers and marketers also resort to these tricks to please you. AdMe.ru bury yourself in research of […]

20+ photos which would look great in scientific textbooks

Much of the world is difficult to understand without seeing with their own eyes. Theoretical knowledge is not give a complete picture. Seeing how certain familiar phenomenon works in practice, we still wonder if he learned something new. Even we AdMe.ru learned a lot thanks to these photos users, but often collect similar. 1. “Lizard […]

9 hard and fast rules of life that end up hurting women’s feelings

In childhood we all believed in Santa Claus, Tooth fairy and beautiful princesses. However, adult life is not always like a fairy tale: after the wedding, we don’t become happier, the children can love their parents without any reason, and the loyalty and devotion no one appreciates. We AdMe.ru plucked up courage and decided to […]

8 wrong habits, which will no longer be ashamed

Gossip to calm down, to look vidosic kittens to work better, to forget in order to become smarter. These strange, at first sight, give advice to scientists, study the shameful habits of the people. It turned out that the company is extremely negative view of phenomena that actually improve health and hormones, and sometimes indicate […]