9 common habits, which you should refuse, to preserve the health of the thyroid gland

The thyroid, in spite of its tiny size, controls almost all body processes including metabolism. When her work comes crashing, it may produce hormones in excess or, conversely, will not be enough. In both cases, this leads to unpleasant consequences: drastic weight fluctuations, unstable mood, skin problems and not only. We AdMe.ru worried about your […]

A test that will tell you that between you-true love or an empty fad

A group of scientists from the United States, headed by Sandra Langeslag, I’m sure that true love involves 2 components: passion and affection. At the same time in different pairs is dominated by one of them. And determine which is closer to you and how your relationship serious, you can use the 20 short questions. […]

How to digest different foods (Now I understand that it is better to eat before bed)

Today many talk about the correct and balanced diet. Unfortunately, a specially selected diet and daily routine is not always possible to comply with. A heavy day at work, the dream trip to a tropical island, it is… intolerable desire to eat anything just before bedtime. We AdMe.ru learned which foods how much time they […]

8 traits that give people a special charm, and in fact are genetic mutations

Some genetic mutations have become so familiar that is not surprising. However because of them have a unique features which give their holders special attraction. Looking at this article, you not only learn about the most innocuous mutations of man, but will see what the extra details sometimes appear a seal. Spoiler: it makes them […]

How to understand that inner voice wrong, and only interferes with normal life

Carlos Castaneda, of course, has a mixed reputation because of his love for astral travel. But when it comes to earthly things, he shows himself a good psychologist. He coined the term “inner dialogue” in the value of the tool for the perception of the world picture. But any self-talk is dangerous: fascinated, people make […]

9 reasons due to which the jewelry looks on you cheap and cheesy

If you think that decoration is only a matter of taste, I hasten to upset you. No matter how sweet heart precious jewels and jewelry, there are some rules and guidelines, allowing you to always look stylish. AdMe.ru put together a list of the main mistakes due to which the jewelry can look cheap, old […]

What is the metabolism types and why your friend lost weight on a diet, and you are not

American scholar George Watson was one of the first who scientifically explained how the phrase “Man is what he eats”. Biochemical experiments allowed him to distinguish the 3 types of human metabolism, and correction of nutrition of the subjects showed that the right diet improves the General physical and emotional state. Knowing your metabolism type, […]

9 secrets that hides the most mysterious continent of Earth — Antarctica

The most mysterious continent of the Earth attracts researchers, explorers and even fans of conspiracy theories. The exploration of Antarctica demonstrates that science conjured in our eyes. Amazing discoveries and findings affect not only ordinary citizens, but also prominent scientists: “bloody” waterfall, Martian meteorite, fossil and even a huge lake was concealed in the ice […]

What happens to the body when you are starving, and whether it helps to lose weight

Scientists know that a person can go without food an average of 3 weeks. And without water — a week tops. But the practice of fasting is very ambiguous: traditional medicine, as a rule, it does not accept, pointing to the heap of negative aspects, and alternative — worships, considering that fasting is a panacea. […]

12 surprising things that can only be seen under an x-ray

Ever since man discovered the x-ray emission, we “scanned” everything and saw things from a completely different side. We learned the secrets of natural phenomena, processes in the human body and laws under which live animals and functioning in the world. AdMe.ru will show you some amazing things that can be seen under x-ray. 1. […]