13 psychological tricks used by unscrupulous employers at the interview

According to statistics, people spend at work 90 thousand hours, or one third of life. Of course, we all work for money, but not the least the moral satisfaction, a good team, comfortable environment and just the human attitude of the authorities. Not to waste his precious third of my life in toxic work, it […]

16 things that filmmakers for years to lie to the audience

In a vacuum there is no sound, so space ships explode silently. Stand near the lava is actually dangerous. Slowly go to the background of the explosion will not work — will be knocked down by the shock wave. Today, many know that it is not only stamps, but also not true, that’s just the […]

11 pitfalls of the brain that control our lives

Everyone likes to think that he is a rational person and able to make a choice, guided by reason. In reality, we often take irrational decisions because fall into traps of his own brain. We AdMe.ru we believe that the best weapon in the fight against prejudice is knowledge. So we figured out another portion […]

16 features of the human body which you know not even all the doctors

The human brain loves roses. The fragrance of these flowers helps people to better remember information, found German scientists. By the way, a pleasant smell helps to learn even during sleep. Our body is generally pretty strange, sometimes it seems like it lives its own separate from our lives. And we AdMe.ru even found proof. […]

How much is the picture of the human world in 12 different States

We used to see reality for what it really is. But not all of us have the opportunity to fully enjoy her beauty. Many diseases, and not only the eye, lead to the fact that the true picture of the world is greatly distorted. AdMe.ru found out how people with different visual impairments see the […]

15 photos that prove that climate change is no joke

City streets disappear under water, forests are burning, ice caps are melting, and the daily people’s actions only exacerbate the situation. If we continue in the same spirit, we’ll lose our only home. Only by combining efforts, we can save our planet, and start acting is now. AdMe.ru seeks to convey the idea of how […]