10 tips for writers from the father of advertising David Ogilvy

The ability to write well is not an innate gift. This can and should learn. In 1982 Ogilvy sent out to all Agency staff a memo titled “How to write.” He who thinks well, writes well. The one who is confused in his thoughts, writes the system area obscure, unintelligible letters and unintelligible speech. David […]

10 questions that will change your life

The right question at the right time, can change you, soothe or give support. And even if you do not find the answer immediately, the question itself will help to take another look at your life. 1. With whom I spend time? If a child is friends with peers who never get anywhere, we believe […]

8 cases that should be run before eight in the morning

Properly organize your day to day asked. Entrepreneur and blogger Benjamin hardy told how to plan the first morning hours to spend every day with meaning. 1. Prepare in the evening Don’t do what causes stress. In stressful situations release the hormone cortisol, which will not let you sleep. Instead, do something relaxing, and remember […]

How to overcome any obstacle: learning on the example of the marathon runner

The human soul is tempered in the fire of pain. 💪 American Scott Jurek is one of the most renowned marathon runner in the world. He won in a grueling marathons, and has written several books about running. Scott Jurek on the Appalachian trail. Photo By Luis Escobar But in 2015, he had it particularly […]

10 habits for a conscious and happy life

Simple steps that will help you to feel better in all senses. 1. Get up when planned If you set the alarm for 6:30, get up out of bed right after, it will ring. Why is it so important? Because this is the first promise you have to keep in this day. Last night you […]

Why develop creativity and how to stay in self-improvement

Ability to think creatively is necessary for all of us. What are you talking about? This is the last post of the series “How to develop creativity.” Today will summarize the results and the mood of myself and you further. Other way: read the post till the end and you will understand what I mean. […]

To be alone is the most important skill we have lost

Progress has given us so much, but deprived of an important opportunity to look inside yourself. Scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal once said: “All the problems of humanity stem from the inability to sit quietly alone.” We are afraid of silence and boredom. To escape from them and from their emotions, we are constantly looking […]

How to start drawing, if you’ve never done this before

Never too late to start, if you have the desire to paint and the willingness to practice regularly. I’m sure to start drawing at any age. I became fascinated with art after school. For a person who wanted to draw, there are two ways. The first is to take paint and just start: don’t delve […]