Director of Polimoda will hold an online lecture on a new luxury

Research and forecasts about the values of future generations and of the fashion

Director of Polimoda Danilo Venturi will hold a free online lecture on “Not-on-luxury” in the framework of public program at Strelka Institute. Topic: how has the concept of luxury and what are the new values of the fashion industry.

Danilo Venturi believes that fashion will evolve following the changing values of consumers. According to him, today for brands it is essential to preach inclusiveness and sustainability, to discuss pressing social issues, educate audiences and give them the opportunity for self-expression.

Danilo Venturi will also present the results of the study, The Truth About Fashion conducted by a group of students of the Institute Polimoda from 54 countries. The project tells you about what will be the fashion of the future version of the buzzers and the Millennials.

The lecture will take place on 28 July at 19:00. To register for the event here.







Danilo Venturi

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