Director of the pawnshop convicted of misappropriation and embezzlement of money in Karaganda

The Director of one of the Karaganda pawnshops appeared in court on charges of misappropriation and embezzlement of money. The defendant for remuneration were issued to clients of illegal loans, the correspondent NUR.KZ.

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The defendant worked in the Karaganda branch of a large chain of pawnshops as a Director from September 2016. According to the criminal case, from the commencement of employment , the former Director at the expense of the pawnshop was to enter into illegal transactions with customers.

So, at the end of September 2016, the defendant made a loan agreement for a total amount of 1 million 400 thousand tenge. As collateral the client has provided the defendant a car brand Toyota Camry 2014 release.

Ex-Director took the car as collateral, despite the fact that the auto had the encumbrance of the Bank. Instead, after the issuance of the loan it received from the client a fee in the amount of 500 thousand tenge.

To on the illegal deal, no one guessed it, the defendant admitted the documents a certificate obtained through the electronic portal in which mentioned the absence of any encumbrances on the car.

A few days later, the defendant asked another client with a request to issue a loan secured by car. The defendant approved a major loan for car Toyota RAV4 and as a reward received from the client 850 thousand tenge. While the defendant authentically knew that on the car encumbered. Customers, he assured that later the loan will be automatically deducted.

Not stopping there, on March 15 last year the defendant made a contract of loan for large loan against our non-existent car in the name of one of the old customers. In fact this client did not apply to the pawn shop for a loan and did not sign any documents.

It is also known that the defendant alone has removed the burden from some of the pledged car and gave the customer a certificate of no debts to the pawnshop, when in fact the debts were not repaid.

The shortage in the cashier first noticed the accountant who was short of money and found discrepancies in the cash receipts. When checking accountant identified a number of gross violations committed by defendant and reported to the founder of the organization. In the end, an unscrupulous Director was prosecuted and taken into custody.

In court the defendant tried to prove that has nothing to do with illegal frauds. However, his words were baseless and the evidence in the case spoke out against him.

In the end, the judge kazbekovskogo district court No. 1 Saiyan Accoin found the defendant guilty and sentenced him to 2 years of restriction of freedom. Also, the convicted person should pay damages to victims and to work 200 hours in public places.


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