“Don’t change gloves”: an inhabitant of Temirtau outraged services in the clinic

A complaint to the Department of health, a mom of two girls, whose doctors Temirtau polyclinic repeatedly tried to take Vienna blood, but in the end left a huge hematoma, the correspondent NUR.KZ.

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“The daughter was sick. She observed the rash. The doctors are unable to make an accurate diagnosis, so sent us for tests,” – said Victoria, mother of a two-year Kateley.

The doctors and nurses in the clinic № 2 at the hospital could not find a vein on the hand of a child. A few punctures were found to be incorrect. In the end, the child has formed a large hematoma.

“The daughter cried bitterly, she had a fit. I, too, fell into despair and begged the doctors to stop bullying a kid. Some how they took a blood test. But the hand of the baby turned blue. Her eerie look” outraged Victoria.

Horrified woman, and that after working with each patient’s doctors are not changing disposable gloves.

“The medic was the rash of my child on handles, and then went in the same gloves to serve another child. It turns out, the doctors themselves spread the infection, “says the woman.

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This incident is a clumsy attempt to take blood from the veins of a child – not the first.

“My older child before entering kindergarten needed to be tested. The medic punctured his hand, but the tube did not open, and eventually the blood spilled on the table. The doctor says to me, “let me off the table watchkey collect”. I was shocked by these words,” outraged Victoria.

The girl’s mother is preparing a complaint to the Department of health.

At the request of the correspondent NUR.KZ in the medical center “Hippocrates”, to which the clinic, commented on the incident.

“Wreaths at children are different. Some have well observed, some don’t. Our doctors at the second clinic good command of the techniques of obtaining venous blood. It is not excluded that the mother of the child long pressed the fleece to the hand. Because the bleeding doesn’t stop immediately. Standard bleeding time – from one to four minutes“, – said the Deputy Director on work with the patients of the medical center Natalia Goloborodko.


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