Dzyuba responded to the desire of cherchesova to win the European championship

Striker Zenit and Russian national team Artem Dzyuba responded to the words of the head coach of a national team Stanislav Cherchesov, who spoke about the target of winning the 2020 European championship. The words of the player leads to “Sport-Express”.

“Well, if Salamy said it should happen. We will fight, to try. And let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Quietly rejoice to enter the tournament. There is still two games of qualification. It will be interesting to test themselves in the match with Belgium,” said 31-year-old forward.

The film participated in the defeat of the national team of Cyprus. The Russian team won with the score 5:0 and secured participation in the European championship. The team of cherchesova 21 points after eight matches. The leaders of group I of the Belgians — 24 points. They won each of their eight games and also qualified for the finals. After the victory over Cyprus Cherchesov noted that the task of the team is to win the championship.

Euro 2020 will be the first championship of the Old world, which will be held on the territory of several countries. The tournament matches will take 12 cities from 11 States.


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