Experts have told how the moving Meghan Markle in Canada will affect the local fashion industry

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex open a new phase in my life

Moving to Canada Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle can lead to the growth of the local fashion industry, experts say. Such forecasts are associated with “the effect of Megan Markle”, the unprecedented influence of the Duchess of Sussex on consumer choice.

According to statistics, in Canada, the growth of the fashion industry in recent decline. According to industry data, retail sales of clothing and accessories in 2017 decreased by 2.1% compared to growth of 6.7% in the retail sector as a whole.

However, the interest of the Duchess to the local brands boosts the demand for things of local independent brands of Canada, says the owner of Magnet Creative Management Gail McInnes. According to him, Megan Markle is the “unofficial Ambassador for canadian fashion.” “People just carry whatever is Megan”, – said fashion columnist from Toronto Genie Becker. He noted that designers from all over the world want to dress the Duchess of Sussex.

The couple decided to lead a life of ordinary people and renounced the Royal title, although this decision was not easy for them. Some attribute this decision with the hounding of the Duchess of Sussex in the press, which has had negative consequences. Buzzfeed has accused the media of double standards in relation to Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Harry, in turn, has repeatedly defended his wife.

That means the name Megan Markle, to use it as a verb, we are told here.



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