Football player of “Milan” described life in the deserted because of the coronavirus city

Photo: Daniele Mascolo / Reuters

The goalkeeper “Milan” the asmir Begovic described the life in the city, closed due to the spread of the coronavirus. The words of the player leads the Mirror.

“The streets were empty,” — said Begovic, noting that now, in Milan, opened the supermarkets. “You can only go out to buy some food and immediately return home. Madness,” said the athlete.

He also shared that he feels himself the hero of the film. “People say it’s like a movie, and it’s true. Never seen that before,” said Begovic. He also doubted that people understand how bad the situation is in Italy. “I feel for the country. A lot of people died, many got infected. It breaks my heart,” he described Begovic.

March 8, the Italian authorities closed the Lombardy (Milan is the capital) and 14 regions. The country is the largest source of the spread of coronavirus in Europe: in Italy there are 24.7 thousand confirmed cases. 1.8 thousand people died. All the world knows about 168,7 thousands of infected, dead — 6,5 thousand.

The championship of Italy, like most European leagues, is now suspended. It was reported that the coronavirus has infected several players, in particular, the Juventus defender Daniele Abuse.


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